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Thread: lack of wittyness in an intro (aka hello)

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    Default lack of wittyness in an intro (aka hello)

    well, i just turned 16, i still think im 15
    i play a heap of xbox games, well xbox 360, im a self confessed nerd, but a lazy one.
    im both a T.B and a DL.
    im a guy
    On weekend i referee rugby league, but, im a bit annoyed, particuarly on weekends cause iv'e been out for a few weeks now with an ankle injury....
    i live in Australia, (sydney)
    anything else you want to ask.
    feel free.
    other wise, i just got msn, so feel free to p.m for it.
    other then that, hi and nice place!

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    Aw man, countless times I write age 17 on forms and questionnaires and what not; I've been 18 for 7 months already!!! O_o

    Anyways, great to have you on the forums, tiger2. Firstly... Xbox 360 - **** yeah!
    Second, enjoy yourself. There's always some good banter if you look in the right places here - usually the off-topic section, where everyone just talks about the most random of subjects, and the IRC Chat which is a good start for getting to know some of the regular users.

    I don't think there's much to really say or ask, you've pretty much introduced yourself nicely. So if you yourself have any questions, just PM me, one of the VIPs or a mod, who all know the forums inside out

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    hey man nice into =) I hope u like it here
    Xbox360 YAY!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiger2
    im a self confessed nerd
    Haha aren't we all? Xbox **** yeah, you know, all that.

    Have fun on the forums!

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    Hi Tiger and welcome! Australia, that's awesome... always wanted to go there. Hope you enjoy yourself here!

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