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Thread: No childhood urge?

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    Default No childhood urge?

    I've noticed that most people here have a real history with diapers. Like, they've been into them since they were kids, and these urges lead everyone to steal diapers or make fake ones or whatever.

    However, my DL side is very reserved. I mean, I've had sexual urges since I was about 12 or 13 (19 now), but I've never went out and bought this stuff. To this day, i've never actually participated in any diaper play (although a week ago i tried to construct one out of toilet paper, what a failure lol).

    Is this unusual?

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    I have herd of that, but IM SURE theres plenty of DLs out there that have these urges they just dont act on them and they prolly are not educated about being a ABDL or something, they have the urge but they never engage in it.
    but i think the word unusual applys to everything this site stands for so...

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    I first got into them around age 12-13 with makeshifts using Toilet paper/tissues/paper towels/plastic wrap/etc...

    The first time I have memory of wearing a diaper again was when I found and tried one on at my local library around age 12. The next time I wore was not until I was 16.5 and could drive myself to the store to get them.

    After several binges and purges I started to develop a tb/ab side and that part of me sticks with me through my DL sides purges.

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    I don't think it's all that usual to have diaper "urges" as a child. I think for many it's something they discover in their early teens.

    I know I never had "urges", but I was always interested in age regression, even before I knew what it was called.

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    I have had a history with diapers, in that I needed them as a kid, and they were bought for me, but I cant really say there was any "urge" then .
    I have never had any sexual type urges for them though. Along with ab items, it is about feeling secure, relaxing, and the numerous different feelings it gives me. I don't get any amount of sexual arousal out of diapers or ab stuff

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    I don't think it is unusual at all to have "diaper-urges", but have not actually acted upon them. Let's face it, most of us here at least agree that being in a diaper is a very pleasant thing. Whether it is something just psychological or a physical thing, it is something that has some type of magnetism or attraction to it. To try to explain it to someone who doesn't have this type of desire can be quite difficult. You can explain that it is a feeling of security, there is a softness that is enjoyable about baby things, a release from everyday stress, whatever. --But the fact remains that if you don't have this attraction, it would be awfully hard to explain.

    I love to farm and ranch. Now to explain this to someone who doesn't have this same attraction, it would be awful hard to describe as well. Why would anyone want to work out in the cold from before light to after dark, baling hay until 4 a.m., getting covered in cow manure, delivering baby calves at 2 a.m., hard long days of sweat, freezing cold, and all types of weather. Hmmm, most people wouldn't think that enjoyable either. But I have such a deep love for it that I wouldn't choose any other style of life. --That is a lot like my thoughts about an attraction to diapers and baby stuff. Pretty hard to explain unless you share in it.

    I think the first part of someone actually becoming a DL/TB/AB/etc is likely based from these initial urges. For me, it was first an attraction to diapers, then experimenting with makeshift diapers as "real" ones weren't available. There are some interesting posts about this on the "Steps to becoming an AB" thread.

    If a person has these desires and hasn't acted out on them, I don't think that makes them unusual, but just at a different stage or level of interest.

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    i started liking it, when i was 13-15. i only brought my stuff very recently. its not that unusual.

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    I never had any desire to wear diapers until I joined this site and met my mate. Now I really enjoy wearing, and not just 'for her'.

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    I had urges since I was about 4-5 years old. Every night I dreamed about getting my disposable diapers back, and I would search the house each day to see if I could find where my parents hid them. One day, I found them in my bedroom closet! I would put them on and use them, then put them in a milk bottle box (the ones that people had on their front porch back in the day). This caused a foul odor to emit from the box, which clued my parents in on what I was doing. The disposable diapers were never to be seen again. I did more searching in the coming weeks and found that the bottom drawer of my dresser was filled with big, soft cloth diapers! They were the big flat white ones that had a center soaker panel sewn in. I found a pair of plastic pants and some diaper pins in the same drawer, and I was back in business! I would wet them and put them back in the drawer with the other diapers, which began to stink after a while. Parents found out again, I got scolded and the diapers were removed from my room. In my early teens, I would ride the bus to the mall after school and buy XL Goodnites from Rite Aid (the thick white ones in the blue bag) and hide them in my backpack. Those were the days....

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    for me it got really strong at around age 11. although i did have a strong attachment before then, it just got stronger when... yeh... puberty... i never accepted this part of me really, iv allways loved diapers all my life since i was 3 and i got out of them but i hated myself for it, and a small part of me still does.... its like locked beneath a massive chambre in my mind LOL

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