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Thread: Hi hi hi and hello!

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    Default Hi hi hi and hello!

    Hello everyone! ^^; I am Shupie which is kinda a nickname of a nickname...and...yar. Ahem. I just started peeking around here and it looked like such a cute friendly place so I decided to join, of course!

    I'm 19, currently attending college, and still stuck at home. I live in NYC which is a lovely, lovely, place. I've always been a bit of a baby girl at heart and people still mistake me for being 14 or younger. Heck, people say I sound like a baby on the phone, and my hands are still tiny and baby shaped...but I like that. Squee.

    Uhm~ I think I'm still pretty new to this. I've been curious about diapers since I was 12 or 13 and heard about people wearing them. I hadn't though much of it at the time, but after trying to make my own diapers a few times when no one was home, I found that I rather liked it... but was too embarrassed to ever admit it until a few months ago. So now I'm happily getting bambinos in my spare time and my mother's finally stopped questioning my bottle and pacifiers. Rar.

    I also like comics, manga, cartoons and drawing and making stuffs... so yeah. Yay. There's my introduction. ^-^ Nice to meet yous all~

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    Welcome Shupie! Very good intro I might add. Hope you enjoy it here on ADISC.


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    Welcome to our community. I think you have the same curiosity as a lot of our members, so just jump in and see what you're interested in talking about. I'm sure it's here

    Quite a lot of members in the NYC area, including yours truly (northern suburbs).

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    *agrees with battosai* just by that, your avi realy seems to fit..

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    Hey!! You seem like me. Ive been interested since like 13/14 but only within the last 6months have I researched it and come across this site. Only difference is, Im still too embarassed to buy anything, oh well, hopefully soon. Anyways, hope you enjoy your time on this site, and like you said, its a really friendly place!

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    Squeal, yay! I just want to say thankies again. XD I've been enjoying myself so far. Usually I get too shy to post much, but it's been rather easy here.

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