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    Default Stock market

    We are playing the stock market game in our class and want to know what's some good stocks right now

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    Really subjective question, but personally I like the financials right now including Bank of America (BAC) and Citigroup (C), larger industrials like GE and DOW, Casino's like Las Vegas Sands (LVS) and MGM, and dividend stocks like Verizon (VZ).

    Suggest you watch CNBC or Fox Business channel and you can get lots of ideas. There are also lots of sites like Motley Fools with all kinds of info.

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    Buy US Dollar futures. On margin. Whatever you can do to bet against the dollar getting stronger.

    Or you can buy Chinese mining company stocks.

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    we did this when i was at school (in the 80s) in maths. aside from the obvious 'buy low' and with the very limited information that kids had/have, i went along a route of choosing those companies which had decent sounding names (like someone had actually put some effort into it or that it inherently had meaning and wasn't just some disposable item). that may sound stupid, but if you think about the psychology of it (that the people who work for the company actually give a toss about it), it's not a bad 'system'.
    Unilever was one of my choices.
    if you're going for short-term buy low - sell high, rather than a long-term 'sit and wait' strategy, emerging markets/technologies are the best bet, but also the riskiest. anything to do with chinese infrastructure construction would be a good bet, unless that boat's already sailed. you could also investigate what the chinese citizenry are investing in and follow suit ( individual investing is more common in china as it's seen as savings or pensions, as well as investing in their country's future).
    lithium mines and other suchlikes are also good bets, though it may worthwhile looking at the recycling technologies associated with such rare minerals (especially as there can also be government subsidies for recycling industries).
    and yep, anything to do with government since they just throw money away (since they don't actually have to earn it).

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    brooks automation

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    Quote Originally Posted by teenlover17 View Post
    We are playing the stock market game in our class and want to know what's some good stocks right now
    Translation: Please help me with my homework/school work.

    Anyways the stock market is actually fun IMHO. It's a lot to do with greed while/possibly helping out companies you believe in.

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    Netflix & Ford, I've still some in Sirus but not as much as last year. One good year comeing up then another heated election year crash so get out near the end.

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    Ah, The Stock Market Game. Well, you've gotta look out for the best stocks. Think of companies that are coming out with new products. For example:
    Verizons coming out with the iphone for there network. There stocks gonna go up up UP UP! The trick is to check regularly and know whats new and hot.

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