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Thread: What luck!

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    Default What luck!

    I guess my luck is good again found a 1/4 if a package of goodnights boys on top of the over full dumpster, we had some people that where leaving. The cool part is at that they where still brand new in the package.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyGrizzy View Post
    Seems unsanitary...

    Yes that too >.>

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    Not at all the people that moved threw more like just away its like chairs tables, rugs, crates, all kinds of stuff. They put them on top and like 5 mins later i grabbed them so i think they where ok.

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    I found 20 bucks in KFC one time. Tough I din't use it on diapers. I bought ONE yu-gi-oh card with it ::rolls eyes:: Card Games Suck...

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    $20 for *one* card? I'm glad I never got into that game...

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