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    Hi all
    im not sure if this is the right place for this, but i need some advice on what is the best site to order from as i am currently in university accomodation and all parcels have to be collected from reception so really dont want it to be identifiable.
    any advice is very welcome

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    It looks like your from the uk, so I personally can't be much help. The wiki should give you some good sites.
    Getting diapers - ADISC Wiki

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    I order from Dorset Nursing Supplies. They are discreet and if you order before midday they guarantee next day delivery, so you know when your package will arrive. However, although they ship in boxes which don't mention nappies the words 'Dorset Nursing Supplies' do appear in small print on the label. It is not immediately obvious, but if someone was curious about the package and looking for clues that would be there. Elsewhere on the forum somebody mentioned that you cannot have the package ordered to a different address from the billing address, however, I have twice ordered nappies to an address different from my billing address with no problem. Nursing Suppliers | Nursing Home Supplies | Medical Suppliers

    Another discreet UK site is Blushing Buyer. I have not ordered from them so I cannot relate any personal experience with regard to how discreet they are, but I do know that some other UK members here use them and I haven't heard anything negative. The purpose of the company is to offer discreet shopping for embarrassing items, so I would imagine they use plain packaging with no identifying labels: Blushingbuyer

    When I lived in university halls I used to get my nappies from ebay. This is a little more expensive, but usually sellers offer discreet shipping and a private listing for items such as nappies, and the return address is usually just a random name, rather than a company name, and so the sender is not identifiable. But you would need to check the seller information and feedback to be sure that you were ordering from a discreet seller.

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