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Thread: How to not make poop smell so much

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    Default How to not make poop smell so much

    I looked but couldn't find any recent threads on this. I relialize you can't totally eliminate the oder but how can you make it less stinkier

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    I know there are pills you can get from healthfood stores that supposidly make it smell less. Meat tends to make poo stink, so don't get a quadrople bacon cheeseburger at burger king (yes, they do make those). Lots of fresh veggies would be good for you too.

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    There are pills that help with it. And watching your diet would also presumable help. Haven't really delved into that realm though so I'm afraid I don't have anything too insightful to share.

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    eating lots of fiber will help your digestive system stay regular, and will make the stool firmer. nuggets dont smell as much as mushy runny stuff, or so i believe. I personally dont mess in a diaper, so not speaking from experience, but i take fiber regularly.

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    I'd recommend chlorophyll pills. Google it, since I can't link anything.

    they help deodorise your body, as well as clean out your intestines and colon.

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    so that means no triple bacon pastrami burgers from the hat to help the smell i have those at least once a week

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    *nods* Your looking for Internal Deoderants... theres a variety of products availible. Its very useful especially for someone like me who suffers from bowel incontinence + IBS. Theres a variety out there and theres a variety of side effects so you need to choose whats best for you. It's all based around how your body works and stuff as well so the best person to talk to would be your physician for advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pampersonly View Post
    so that means no triple bacon pastrami burgers from the hat to help the smell i have those at least once a week
    I love The Hat, where else can a small fry feed a family of four.

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    no idea. I know someone who sprays the behind of his diaper with perfume. but i dont know if that works exactly...

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    id recomend getting a diaper with odor control (i think this only applies to urine though :P)

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