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Thread: Introduction - Trying not to be a lurker

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    Default Introduction - Trying not to be a lurker

    Hello all. I am a DL, have been as long as I can remember.

    I love the the sound, look, feel and smell of disposable diapers. I wear but do not use my diapers. (I know that one will get me a ton of hate mail)

    My underwear just happens to be crinkly!

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    Hello there Crinkle! Welcome to ADISC.
    Can you tell us more about yourself outside of being a DL, like hobbies, music, ect.?
    If ya need any help think of stuff (like I did at first :p), try using the Introduction Guide.

    Hope to see you around more =3

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    Hi Crinkle,

    Shinx has gotten the most important point across, that we want to get to know YOU.
    I would also want to assure you that nobody will send you hate mail over not "using" your diapers. Heck, we've had well respected members that where not AB or DL at all. This is a support community, after all.

    Anyway, welcomed aboard,


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    hi Crinklepants, welcome to ADISC, i hope you enjoy your stay, and yeah what Near and Shinx said

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