Hello ADISC - It's tuesday and world of warcraft is down for scheduled maintainance, so I decided to watch a movie, if i could find a good one.

On Netflix i found the Naked Civil Servant available streaming and i watched it just now, and i have come here to recommend it.

This is a film made in 1975 about a homosexual man who came of age in 1930s england, it's odd and doubly dated as the film has the 'smell' of mid 70s movies in general and the subject matter is from another time and culture altogether. BUT EVEN SO here is a movie I very much enjoyed, one mans determined life, in the face of all the world. There is a lot of talk around here from time to time along the lines of 'I thought I was the only one' well, what if you WERE?

In a time when sexual perversion carried a jail sentence, anyone so inclined took great pains to hide it, all except for Quinton - or at least, that's the way he tells it.

I think the story in this film speaks beyond homosexuality, to any person who is driven to some odd / unacceptable practice that people at large in his community object to - give it a watch and let me know what you think.