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    Well after coming in tonight to find I have been given lurker status I thought I might as well actually make a move and introduce myself.

    My name here is what you see and that is all there is to it.

    I'm really only here because I enjoy reading written word, especially if it is in the form of non-fiction. Hence I am here to browse your stories.

    I generally don't post replies mostly because I never know what to say. I'll try my best to at least say good story if it is. honest guv'.


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    What are your interests outside ADISC stories? Do you have any other hobbies? We want to know you as a person, not just a story-reading ghost who does nothing else.
    Other than that, hope you enjoy the stories and the rest of ADISC!

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    Belated, that's quite a unique word for many of the small minds around. However I'd be more impressed if someone managed to use the word ubiquitous or adjunctification in their intro. but all the same, we are human beings,what's your favourite word, and what do you love besides words and, of course, the main topic of this site.

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    I have as yet to find a word I might call my favourite though the phrase "Gorden Bennett" slips my mouth far too often than it should (I accuse one of my friends family for both introducing me to the phrase and 'locking' it into my vocabulary). I would have to say the internet is my greatest love, I love the fact that it allows many people to connect and talk about subjects that they might not of been able to talk about with others around them.

    As far as the topic of this site I am mostly interested in the stories. I have a soft spot for sweet and sentimental ones. As for myself I have indulged now and then on a packet or two but the opportunities are few and far between. Most of my friends would be for the better if they didn't learn about my hobby, passive as it is, which is a shame as there might of been a chance to open up to it in the past.

    The few times I have been able to actually 'get away' were enjoyable, mostly an extension of lying about on the couch but with a bit of silly to it. I found the experience fun.

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