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Thread: Ellos ^_^

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    Default Ellos ^_^

    i'm not so new to the community but i think it'd be fun if i joined this site and talk to people interested in the same thing.
    please be nices to me ^////^

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    Hi, I'm babyracer37. Most of the people you meet in this site are rather nice. You will find one or two that like to *try* to be mean. As long as you don't pay them any attention they usually leave you alone.

    But anyhoos. It's nice to (see) you here. Have fun & make some cool friends, don't forget to check out the Chat room. We have lots of clean fun in there.

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    thanks for the advice ^-^
    ur nice in my book!
    i think i'm gonna like it here

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    Hey there, welcome to the site. I noticed one major problem though, how are you going to talk to people with similar interests, when you don't say what the interests are? :P. (it might be in your profile but that is no fun ) Sooo, what are your interests, outside of TBism?

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    well i like to draw! <3
    bestest thing in the whole world ^_^ i like to really draw anything but lately i've been goin "hard-core" more graffiti related.
    but i'm actually pretty good. ^////^
    and photography ^o^ oh the wonders of photography!
    film and digital. u can never just have one.
    then for physical activity i love running! i can just leave my troubles all behind and just go blazing down the road and its a good work out.
    i haven't run lately cause its so cold but i usually run 10miles a day

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    Your intro cracks me up. You leave yourself wide open to be picked on. I don't pick on people so I will not go there.
    I was always the one picked on. I am very good a picking on people and it is fun but I am old and mellow now. I no longer pick on people, it is very rude. I ware diapers because I had an accident and I can not pick on people that have disabiliteis whether it be mental or physical. LOL
    I am new here. Welcome to diaperville.

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