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Thread: Happy Father's Day

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    Default Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to all the dads on ADISC.

    For anyone who's not a dad, what are you doing with your Dad today?

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    I went to a Richmond Braves (minor league) baseball game last night with my dad -- a double-header. It was a lot of fun, although Richmond got shut out by Charlotte in the first game and although Richmond won the second game, they were losing at the time when we had to leave. Richmond is losing the Braves next year because the city will not build them a nicer park, and it seems like people in the city have already given up on baseball. There were maybe 500 people there, which I thought was a shame. Maybe it's just because my dad is a huge baseball fan, but I think there are few greater father-child traditions than the dad taking the kid to some kind of sports event.

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    What a wonderful sentiment, Maverick!

    And that is sad, Daria. ;/ I wish there would have been more Dads and sons there, too!

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    I wrote an insincere message of affection in a card and that's it. It's not that I have a bad relationship with my father, but that I don't have one at all. There's just a general feeling of mutual disinterest.

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    I got my dad a humorous card, and I signed it "Love ..." not "From ...".

    I bought him the latest The Fall album, except I ordered it online and it isn't here yet.
    Not that that matters much, he can wait a couple of days.

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    There's no official Father's Day in Germany. However, most people here just use Ascension Day (a public holiday) as a substitute Father's Day (that was May 1st this year). Traditionally, the adult males of the family use that day to load up a small hand-drawn trailer with as much alcohol as they'll be able to fit into it, then go on a hiking tour through nature dragging the trailer behind them and trying to get rid of the alcohol before the day is out. I guess the adult female's job is to drive down the planned hiking route looking for her spouse/boyfriend lying passed out in some ditch along the way

    In other words: No gifts for daddy here - couldn't read the card when drunk anyway!


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    I bought my daddy green tea. He liked it It was fair trade tea too. I got it from the church. We had a big dinner with my grandpa and my aunt too, with wonton soup, pork, scalloped potatoes and vegetables. Oh and apple sauce too, which I liked. And I did all my chores, like doing the dishes, on time for my daddy. It was fun. I also had to tutor my friend Jeffy in math today, which I always enjoy. He has his exam tomorrow.

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    I felt quite bad considering I was working on father's day, as my brother arranged for us all to go out for a meal. But I did get him a bottle of Port, No Country for Old Men on DVD (not dropping hints or anything!) and a card, which I think he was rather chuffed with

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