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Thread: buying cheap tickets on eBay?

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    Question buying cheap tickets on eBay?

    My girlfriend wants to go on a date to Disneyland before we part for at least half a year, if not longer. I'm totally down, but my annual pass expired a few months ago and I'm pretty conservative with my money. 1-day passes are expensive, and while I can afford it, I've found much cheaper deals on eBay.

    While the eBay sellers have 100% positive feedback, I've seen warnings on other sites that buying tickets from resellers is illegal and there's a chance that I could be denied entry into the park.

    And this point I'm thinking not to fight the way of the economy and just buy authorized tickets (at $71). But I'm just curious if anyone has any experience purchasing tickets from resellers and how the results have been?

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    I'd be cautious at best...I've never bought tickets from resellers for just that reason. I'm always too worried that the tickets will be fake, or they won't be any good for some other reason.

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    there's a current special 3 day park hopper pass that's like 159 per person Plus I think it would be pretty hard to get on all the rides and see everything else in just one day. I would suggest doing that and staying at a best western or travel lodge, etc within 10-15 miles of the park. Unless you live in/outside of LA and don't mind the drive.

    (surprisingly drivers in LA are more considerate then they are up here in central California and I never dreamed I would see that... EVER.)

    that said ride big Thunder mountain railroad and the matterhorn... two best disneyland rides, evar.

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    Thanks for the advice, Fire2box, but I actually live 15 minutes away from the park.

    And I know it's impossible to get through all the rides in one day, which is why I loved having the annual pass. Unfortunately she & I only have one day to see each other, so we're just gonna stick to the basics. And everyone knows that Space Mountain is the best ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterD View Post
    And everyone knows that Space Mountain is the best ride.
    It's a good ride, but I think thunder mountain is the best hands down. Space mountain with the lights on is pretty horrible since it ruins the ride. the only reason why that doesn't is that it's extremely rare to ride it with the lights on.

    in fact, I think the haunted mansion is a better experience then space mountain. Also, the indy jones ride is totally skippable I've been on it once and that's enough.

    anyways i am a coaster fan I I prefer big, big coasters like X2, Txdeadx, Scream! at magic mountain. So Disney seems as a whole seems like a kids park. Plus disneyland hasn't done anything big since I've been alive other then indy and totally screw over the swiss family Robinson tree house. I'm one of the few who think Tom sawyer's island should be converted into a "Lost" themed area as well. Though I don't think thats likely.

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