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Thread: Emo Style? (no offence inteded)

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    Question Emo Style? (no offence inteded)

    Does anyone here like the dark colored clothing and way they dress? My friend gave me a pair of his gloves and I have to admit, I do like them, and I also prefer wearing black shirt and shoes, along with dark colored jeans, but I care a lot about things.. (environment, people, school, etc.)

    Can someone explain this to me? I just need some clarification.

    Gracias mis amigos!

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    I wear black leather. It doesn't make me Emo.

    Perhaps you are confusing a type of dress with a mindset.

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    Just liking black doesn't make you "emo" or "goth". That seems to be some sort of misconception among some people. You can dress in all black and not be either of those. Those two things do include dress in a small part, yes, but also mindset, personality, music preference, and many other things. People still debate about what is needed to be classified as such, and if you ask 10 people, you'll probably get about 8 different answers as to what emo or goth is, although both really started with music.

    I wear primarily black on most days. My skin is also pale as heck. That doesn't make me emo or goth. Nor does it make anyone else such things. Don't worry about it.

    Plus there really isn't anything wrong with being either of those things anyway.

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    What the TC is talking about is considered dark/goth. Emo (at least to me is) is anyone who's somber, melancholy, depressed/depressive, etc.

    Me, I'm emo not much as I was thankfully. But I prefer music like this.

    Also I like drama and sometimes dark themes in tv shows and movies. Like this scene from The Walking Dead.

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    ok since i like the emo style

    I just think i look gooooooooood wearing my eyeliner, leather tight pants, and black beetleguese vest

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    I've never associated the way one dresses with the way one thinks; That would be stereotyping.

    If you like the gloves, you like the gloves. If you also like dark clothing (which I love myself, because I'm just into dark colours), you like dark clothing. You don't have to be 'emo' or 'goth' to like it. And, likewise, people who dress in such a manner aren't always apathetic. (That's usually just the young ones who feel like they have to conform to a certain all-or-nothing mentality to be accepted.)

    Just be who you are and don't try to classify yourself as one word that's associated with a stereotype or stereotypical group. You'll learn that in time, and you'll learn that it's a-okay to wear a Hollister shirt with fingerless gloves if you wish, no matter what anybody says about it.

    Ah, for the record, I do wear black/dark colours a lot, and I am kind of a deadpan snarker, but does that make me emo/goth/scene? No, that's just who I am as an individual. I'm also into floral skirts, 50's stuff, and gay clown pornography, but does that make me a hippie, rockabilly girl, or creepy weirdo? Not really; It's all just a part of the great clusterfuck that is Nei.

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    Hey thanks. I just wasn't sure what it would be. and Mixy, I know how you feel, I'm the same way, when I wear black I don't appear so white. Thanks a lot guys =] means a lot, I'm not in with all this hip hop lingo all you young folks use these days. Okay... i just don't understand some more street like lingo. I wont lie.

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    This thread is too depressing. I'm gonna go cut my wrists now. u . u\\

    Since I started learning how to shuffle, I basically dress in black most of the time I'm out with friends. I love black. Lots of black.

    *blasts Hawthorn Hights*

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    I think the style can be sexy sometimes, depending, but I really dont like emo music! It is well, to emotional for me, I dont like to sit around all depressed all the time, and need music that is upbeat, motivating, energy charged.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shukkume View Post
    I've never associated the way one dresses with the way one thinks; That would be stereotyping.
    This is actually the point of the style, to show another the way one thinks! So no, its not stereotyping, as long as you are open minded about what those views might be.
    Emo developed out of punk, and punk is all about literally showing people your point of view threw style (or more like anti-style).
    Just remember that many are posers, who are blindly following what they see as a trend, with no understanding of why or what it means. Those people are not likely to have the same point of view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by racer View Post
    This is actually the point of the style, to show another the way one thinks! So no, its not stereotyping, as long as you are open minded about what those views might be.
    Yes, but there are vast exceptions to the 'dress how you act/think' rule. It is often a reflection of your personality, but it can not be as well.

    I'm just kind of against thinking that way, that's all. Mostly because people will not keep an open mind about it. They won't say "Oh, this person could be a great kid who loves life." It's always "You dress in black? Suicidal, depressing piece of crap." (Where I'm going in life, you have to release all your assumptions about people, and only take in objective facts or work in theory.)

    (Also, I didn't know that emo developed from punk. Huh... Though it does make a lot of sense after taking a glance at the Sex Pistols. :P)

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