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    Post Just a simple intro

    Want to say Hello and thanks for a great board.
    I started out liking diapers at age 10 or so and now I have to wear them 24/7.
    I have found changing a wet diaper is much better and easier than wet pants.
    I don't let my need for diapers stop me from doing to much. I have come to accept that my diapers are now just another part of my underwear that I have to wear all the time.

    There are very few people that know me personally that knows I wear. I find that wearing is a need to know basis and not everyone needs to know.

    I am looking forward to see what all this board has to offer.

    Again, just a quick shout out HELLO to eveyone.

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    and ir seems you became incontinent... was that frm illness/injury or did you smply relenquish control y using diapers too mch

    anyways welcome.. the forum has HEAPS to offer
    *offers hand* im SDA resident alchemist poisens and explosives expert as well as sword master...

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    Post Yes am Incontinent now

    Quote Originally Posted by silent deadly alchemist View Post

    and ir seems you became incontinent... was that frm illness/injury or did you smply relenquish control y using diapers too mch

    Wearing my diapers didn't cause me to become incontinent. I am seeing a doctor about it. My incontinence is more urge and a little stress mixture. Every time I put my hands in water, take shower, bath, or near running water like streams, I can't hold it at all. Most times when I sneeze, some comes out. At night, you might call it lazy but, I use a CPAP machine to help my breathing, and because I have to go so much at night, a diaper lets me get the sleep I need. Every time I take my CPAP off, it takes about an hour to get back to sleep so just going in my diaper allows me to keep sleeping.

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    Wow, that sounds a LOT like my situation. I'm not in as severe a situation as you (don't need to wear 24/7) but the stresses that make you leak are like mine . It is almost always just a little leakage, not a complete let-it-go situation for me. . .

    I usually sleep through the night when I'm in the CPAP machine. Sometimes when I wake up in the night it's just easier to go in the diaper than to get up and pee in the toilet. You're right about it taking a long time to get back to sleep, though. I just kill time looking through the forums

    Welcome to our community, I am sure you will enjoy it here.

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    Need to know basis... I like that. But then you must be quite relaxed about the DL side of life to live by that? Or is there nobody that you feel really needs to know anyway?

    Either way, great to have you on the forums!

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I look forward to seeing what all is going on here.
    Last year when I had to start wearing 24/7, I only let the doctors, my wife, two close friends know, but because I volunteer at a prison, I had to let the volunteer cordinator know so that I would be allowed to carry in a couple of spare diapers incase I needed to change. I was spending the whole day there from 6am to 8pm. Because of this, the guards that checked our bags and patted us down knew. It was a little scary but no one said anything. I have been asked to come back and do some more work, but I don't know if I want to go through having to carry extra diapers in again.

    Again, thanks for the warm welcome.

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    Hiya Check and welcome to the site! Hope to see you posting around, you seem quite nice! Glad the diapers are giving you the sleep you need - it's not fun, nor pretty to see someone who has a lack of sleep, lol.

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