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    Default Hey everyone

    just saying hi and that im 18 and wondering if anyone around my age wants to talk im to afriad to tell anyone about my diaper fetish but still would like to talk to someone!

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    Hi babydl welcome to ADISC. I am no where near your age but may I make a suggestion? Forget about the diaper thing for a while and just talk a little about yourself say hobbies or interests. I am sure people around your age will start to talk to you, once they get to know you a bit, or you need some advice, (we are a community support site after all, but not a dating site).

    This has been suggested to you before; when you posted a “Hey Everyone” here some two weeks ago you received a few replies from members Raccoon BigCrow and HogansHeroes all welcoming you and requesting a little more information of your life outside diapers so we can get to know you. HogansHeroes also included an article link to the tutorial cheat sheet [for] great introductions. Allowing for the fact that you maybe embarrassed and shy about diapers, I am concerned that your membership here is not off to a good start introduction wise. Please do try.

    Well could you answer me a question then? How are things in Ontario Canada? How cold is your winter?

    As for me, my love of nappies (or diapers) started way back as far as I can remember that and a love of wearing female clothes. Some of my main interests in real life are; history, science and astronomy.

    I hope you will post a better introduction and that you will then enjoy your time here.

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC. I'm also 18, so I guess I'm near your age :p. I agree with johny, post a little bit more. It isn't just a diaper thing here. There's so much more to talk about in life.

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    Welcome to the site. Sorry I missed your message in the chat. You weren't around for very long. Take things a little more gradually and I think you'll be okay. I think as you describe your discomfort, this really is the best spot on the Internet you could have found for this. I am decidedly not your age, so you may not be comfortable trying a repeat performance in IRC with me but I'm sure whichever way, you can grow more comfortable with this.

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