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    A few weeks ago I ordered some drynites bed mats (an item I have wanted since they first came out). It has been almost 45 days since I placed the order, but they never came. When I contacted the seller they told me that they had problems with international something or other and they gave me a refund.

    Not that I am complaining about an easy refund process, but I have been looking for those bed mats for a long time and I was so excited to get them for christmas. Now I am very let down, disappointed, and back to square 1 in my search.

    Has anyone else been really happy to find a product only to have it fall through the cracks? Or are still looking for a specific product that you can't find anywhere?

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    I know exactly how you feel, not with anything diaper related, but there was a sweatshirt I wanted really bad, it was $44 and did not have enough to buy it, finally when I did, it was sold out and no longer being made.

    I am still looking for another one like it. Still remember it. It was a white Reebok Detroit Red Wings, but the logo was a silvery white. so it still stood out.

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    My wife continues to bid on Ebay to get me a pair of shortalls. The problem is that the bidding goes higher than what we think they're worth. Oh well.......

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