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Thread: Wow pooped my pants in public.

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    Default Wow pooped my pants in public.

    So last night I went to a party and there was jungle juice and beer to drink let's just say I made sure to get my five bucks worth. I was really wasted and went to the bar and got my dance on. After the bar closed at 2 I went up to a friends apartment from there I met up with these two girls and walked back to the dorms. I felt really like bloated and kinda felt as if I may have the runs. Once we are back on campus the girls go on there path back to there dorm and I start walking back to mine. That's when the urge really starts to kick in I was farting and was barely hanging on. I opened up the door to the dorm and was going to make a break for the first floor bathroom but there was a bunch of people out in the hall so I decided to go to the second floor. As I walked up the stair I felt like I was going to start priary dogging it but since the poop was lose it just came right out and I pooped all in my pants. I waddled the rest of the way up the stairs and I had to walk by this girl I know who was just going into the room next to the bathroom, it had to have smelled terribly. So I got into the bathroom and went into the stall. I had poop all over really gross I'll save you the details. So once I got semi cleaned up I took of my underwear and threw them out then I waddle back to my room so that I could get my towel and soap to shower. I have my key half way in the door when I heard a ton of people talking in my room. I took my key out and ran back to the bathroom where I texted my roomate saying we have a problem. He came into the bathroom and was like what did you through up and I was like no I shat my pants and the entire floor is in my room. He was like do you want me to go get you more underwear and I was like he'll no then everyone will known. I was just like get my towel so he did and just told everyone that I was really drunk and insisted on showering for some reason. So I basically shower for a long time and my roomate came in and was like there is only to people in our room a girl that always hangs out on our floor and another lacrosse player who had to sleep there cause his roomate was getting some. So I walk in in just my towel and with no clothes I left them in the bathroom and nobody really said to much about it. The worst part about it was that I had a girl stay up to wait for me to get back from the bars and we were going to "hang out" but I blew her off because I shat my pants and thus morning when I texted her sorry I didn't come up last night but something came up when I got back to the dorms. Luckily she didn't ask questions she just said alright well you have to make it up to me.

    Post your stories here too if you have them or just let me know what you think of my night.

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    YOu should have pooped your pants at the party. There's no fun when everyone's drunk off their ass and no one makes a fool of themselves Also, why is this in the DiaperTalk forums when it's about booze and losing bladder/bowel (and whatever else) control over being drunk?

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    Call me crazy, but I have always endeavored to keep enough self-control that I don't end up in situations like the OP described. Having a few drinks can be fun. Getting so drunk that it paralyzes one's central nervous system doesn't sound like my idea of a good time.

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    Sorry I wasn't sure where to put it I guess it made me think about diapers I was thinking about using it as an excuse to go get diapers when I was drunk last night but then I probably wouldn't have been able to wear them much so I didn't go get them.

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