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    anyone got any good djs for me to look up under the trance techno genre...I have been needing to find some good ones please helps me?

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    Aite, I gotchu............Idk all about any "techno" or nothing but Infected Mushroom is DEFINITELY one of the hottest Trance groups out there right now. Now as for me, I'm a Dubstep kind of dude, I go to the club and get those beats that are %100 PURE HYPNOTIC BASS that will melt your fucking face off. Ahem, but anyways some of the bands ive seen live are STS9 and Bassnectar

    You can go to this website and find up and coming Dubstep artists - Dubstep Radio - The World Is Listening

    If you are looking for mashups, you can always try going to DJ Slinks webpage, free downloads..........he killed an A Milli+ Metallica mixer, it sounded phenomenal

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