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    Has anyone seen the most recent Biggest Loser? It features the 2000 Olympic Greco-Roman Gold Medalist winner, I only know because the coach of the team that I am assistant coaching wrestled him in the World Team Trials and was talking about the show. His name is Rulon Gardner, he wrestled and overthrew Alexander Karelin of the Russian Federation who had previously been undefeated through 13 years of international competition. His match was dubbed the "Miracle on the Mat". Making reference to the 1980 Mens USA hockey team victory, which was also a major upset victory over Russia.

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    I've watched the Biggest Loser in the past, tough I've recently lost interest in that show. That being said, I might have to check out this season, if nothing else to see how an Olympian would do on it (preferably better than Crystal Cox did on Survivor - weak in physical challenges, and striped of her gold medal (doping) like a year after the show).

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