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    For all those diaper ppls out there. I give you a word of caution.
    if you mes your diaper be prepard for the troubles that follow. Clean up is npt fun not fun at all. I spent 45 mins cleaning up my first mess ever, never gonna do that again

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    Ah yes, everyone needs to find that out in their own way.

    PS: Can I venture a guess and say it also took up about 3 rolls of toilet paper?

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    That is why pooping has the nickname "Messing" because well its a mess to clean up normally :B . . . This is something that most people find out :P

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    Um, thanks for the advice. But I think 99 percent of the people on here are smart enough to figure that out on their own being a dl webite :p

    Thanks anyways though.

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    And that's why I'm not going to do it ever. Trying to clean up after that would be too much of a chore.

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    Im pretty sure thats been covered, but thanks for reminding us..

    its not that bad if you dont sit..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcaway View Post
    Im pretty sure thats been covered, but thanks for reminding us..

    its not that bad if you dont sit..
    Yup. If you don't enjoy the feeling of fecal matter spreading and then getting all over yo' ass, squat. That's why toddlers do it... I think. (My cousin would always go to the corner and yell "STAY IN THE KITCHEN!" when she did the 'dirty deed', as my aunt called it.)

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    I am partially incontinent, but out of courtesy, i do try to keep messing to a minimum.

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    Thats kinda why you want baby wipes around. They are quite useful even for non *B/DL related activities, especially if you eat hot/spicy food alot. :p

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