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    So I've been involved with the community for many years (at least since the early 90s if not before). I come and go, having accounts at most sites but I don't check them all the time. I have a complete and busy life with a family and I don't have much time to get on sites like these. Unfortunately, even though I'm around and I look and contribute while I can, I'm not consistent.

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    Welcome Wetnsea! I completely understand where your coming from. Prior to ADISC I had next to no interaction with many different sites that I lurked on. This place has a very active community so it is really easy to jump in and out of conversations when the mood strikes you.

    Beyond diapers, what other interests do you have? I know with a busy lifestyle it can be hard to maintain some hobbies, but we all got some guilty pleasure (other than diapers) that we enjoy

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    I really don't have much time to do much for me. I do enjoy games, usually interactive building or rpg style games. I rarely play anything now though

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