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    hi everbody I'm new to all this however I have been a diaper lover for years but never really had the chance to explore it. I've went through relationships hiding it none of which lasted very long. Last may I finally got the courage to tell my partner and he is totally fine with it. Now I am trying to explore it more and I am also trying not to be embarassed by it. I can't tell my friends or family but I figured maybe through a message board I could get the communication about it out and not feel so alienated about it. If anyone has anything to say or wants to chat let me know I am not usaully shy. I hope to hear from you guys soon.

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    Hey dlonthedl,

    Its always nice to see some new blood on here. It would be nice to get to know you a little bit better as a person. After all, this is a community for diaper lovers, not a community about diapers (not that we never talk about diapers, but its not what we talk about most of the time). Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of wearing diapers? What field are you working or studying in? Any favourite movies, books, music or video games? Talking about some of your interests and your line of work is a great way to build bridges with other members. It would also be cool if you explained why you chose dlonthedl89 as your username, its always nice to know the story behind the nick.

    Anyway, I really do hope that you'll stick around. You don't actually have to share anything you're not comfortable sharing (as long as you don't lie), its just that sharing some of your interests with us will make it easier for you to make friends here.


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    I lead a very simple life. I am a movies freak and always enjoy a good flick. As far as tv goes I have a pretty broad spectrum. I really enjoy premimum chanel shows. Big love and weeds are my two favorites along with family guy of coarse. I'm pretty nerdy too. I love dr who but I really don't enoy the spinoffs. I am a huge gamer but I grew up in the nintendo generation.

    Currently I am in school for computer programming and unemployeed. I have had many different jobs through out the years from fast food to healthcare and I even had a job as the maintance man in low income appartments. I am taking the time off work now to try and work on controling my diabetes.

    I just moved to florida from my hometown. I was born and raised around pittsburgh pa. The economy has hit every one pretty hard but when it comes to old mill and factory towns you could only imagine.

    As far as the the screen name dlonthedl89 it stands for diaper lover on the down low then the year I was born. I ha etrouble in thinking what to write here so thank you very much for the suggestions. Get at me anytime

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    Welcome to Adisc! Always cool to see people trying to explore it more.

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    Thank you I know this may get kind of annoying but I try to respond to everyone lol

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