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Thread: interesting 'fursona-in the real world' sorta movie

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    Default interesting 'fursona-in the real world' sorta movie

    I saw a movie trailer that I thought was kinda interesting if looked at in a furry way (i guess that's how to say it). When i watched the trailer

    YouTube - THE BEAVER - Trailer

    I was thinking more of the fursuiters i have talked to and how in person they are super shy and just don't feel right around other people - but when they are in the suit they get to be this whole other person that is really outgoing and they get to live either they way they had always wanted and others even have a totally different 'self'. I know not all suiters are the same but like i said this was more the ppl i have talked to.

    I also think it sorta fits 'furries' over all in a way if getting to have a 'fursona' sorta break into the 'real world'. I know i'm not saying this right so just watch the freakin trailer and I think you'll get the idea hehehehe.

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    well i don't know about the movie but that beaver puppet is cute ^^

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    I kinda see what you are saying, when im in suit i feel that i have a bit more energy and life in me like my fusona has comes out and locks the quiet normal me in. But in this movie insted of locking the normal you in your mind he has let this other him control the beaver well his weak self is there in his body.

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    And just when you thought Hollywood couldnt sink any lower: They bring you 2 hours of Mel Gibson parodying his real life while fisting a beaver puppet with Michael Cain's voice.

    Fail much?

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    *giggles* beaver. . . But I'm usually skeptical about furry fandom based furry movies. But if someone where to do it right. . .

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