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Thread: Goodnites Boxers

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    Default Goodnites Boxers

    Hallo Everybody.

    Recently I've been interested in those diapers, pull-ups style based on goodnites/drynites.

    I would like to know where those diapers are available (USA, Europe...) and
    maybe a small review if you've tried those.

    I've tried to search for them on sites like e-bay, but I've found out that it will cost me too much in terms of shipping costs.

    Thank you in advance for any help

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    I'm personally a fan of them, but plenty of people here hate them. They're smaller than the original goodnites, but they hold a lot. I believe you can get them in the USA and Canada only, though I could be wrong.

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    I wish that Goodnites didn't give up on them. They should remake them like they should have been made in the first place.

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    They are the softest protection ever made and they look more like real underwear than anyother product I have ever seen (especialy the waist). If you buy on ebay make sure that they have 10 per pack rather than 11. The 11 packs are the old ones that had really poor quality material that rips and doesn't look like real boxers.

    In USA and Canada they are "goodnites boxers" in the UK they are "drynites sleep shorts".

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    I thought the boxers was a novel idea, but it's sad how Goodnites didn't try to fix them.

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    The problem is that the boxer material isn't stretchy at all. I just discovered the other day that I can still fit into regular goodnites but a year or so ago I tried the boxer style (on closeout for $2 at the store) and it was just way too small because of no stretchiness at all.

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    thanks for the answers, now I just have to find where to get them on the internet to avoid expensive shipping costs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Target View Post
    thanks for the answers, now I just have to find where to get them on the internet to avoid expensive shipping costs
    So you're still going to try them even though their XL boxers are smaller than the XL briefs?
    If you try, you should have better luck!

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    Just put boxers over the regular ones. Honestly its the same thing.

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