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Thread: Powder/Baby Scents

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    Not a lot of baby stuff grabs my attention... but baby scented stuff sure does.

    I've had this huge thing of Equate powder for awhile.

    I didn't think it was that great until I ran out and picked up some Johnson and Johnson's powder. This one:

    Now, I'm not sure if it's because I bought the plain bottle.. but it has a very light scent compared to Equate. I remembered J&J having a strong unique scent. Curious to what everyone's favorites are.. or if it's just baby powder to everyone

    What's the deal with cornstarch free? Is that just a common allergy for babies? Where's the cheapest store to check out baby powder candles, and is there any other baby scented stuff you guys use?

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    I absolutely love the smell going down the baby diaper isle. Haven't really played with too much stuff that goes beyond that yet though.

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    I haven't tried the Equate powder so I can't offer any opinion on it's scent vs. Johnson's, but I've got a huge bottle of Equate baby oil and I love the smell of it. (I get away with having it openly because I use it as a skin moisturizer.)

    And I don't know what the deal is with cornstarch free powders...a lot of people actually recommend them! I do know that I never had anything but cornstarch powder as a baby.

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    never tried anything other than the powder i have that has this interesting scent to it, its from a dollar store around here

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    As parents, back in the day of corn starch powder, we were warned as to not have too much powder becoming air born. It was considered harmful to baby's lungs in larger doses.

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    I haven't really used anything else but Johnson's and Johnson's, love the scent though......... I'd be interested in trying something else if I knew it was good (as long as it still does the job) hmm maybe I'll try Equate next time!

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    Do you have the all-white one? Maybe my nose is broken....

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    The smell of j & j baby powder always gets to me. Definitely it was the powder mum used on us as kids. In fact there was a little container of it left in the top of my wardrobe and right through my childhood I would climb up the drawers to reach it to smell.

    I am pretty interested in fragrances. I have been meaning to buy 'demeters' baby powder eau de cologne, to see how this replicates the baby powder smell.

    Also, for UK babies I find that Burberry baby touch fragrance is a great match for mothercare baby milk bath. I doubt this is a coincidence.

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    Johnson and Johnson makes a Baby Cologne. I purchased several bottles that I found on the baby isle at a grocery store. Wonderful J&J Baby Powder smell without the powder! Great splashed on right after a shower.

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