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Thread: Do depends still suck?

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    Default Do depends still suck?

    Last time I bought depends (several years ago), the Maximum Fitted Protection ones, they sucked. They leaked easily and the core got all lump/fell apart. Anyone know if it's been improved at all?


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    That seems to vary in personal opinion. However, I don't think depends have gone under a overhaul in some time. So if they sucked for you then, they probably do now.

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    Is the government still run buy corrupt, selfish and dishonest people?

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    My biggest complaint is that the tapes don't come off well. They tear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphacore View Post
    That seems to vary in personal opinion. However, I don't think depends have gone under a overhaul in some time. So if they sucked for you then, they probably do now.
    I'll echo this since they haven't changed in any way I've noticed for a number of years now. In my experience they are one of the diapers less likely to clump (probably because the padding is thinner) but I guess experience varies. For what they are, I think they do just fine but I wouldn't suggest you run out and give them another try if you didn't like them before.

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    I haven't had any trouble with keeping them on and I'm not that experienced at taping them up. -_-

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    though they may not be the best diaper they do hold a wetting but get very uncomfortable when wet. i haven't had any problems with the core falling apart. if leaking is a problem it might not be taped on properly or you might just be wetting too fast or too much. if its too much for the diaper to hold a booster may do the trick.
    the pull ups on the other hand are even worse the the max protection tape on diapers, they will sag and not hold up well and leave leak lines around the leg cuffs if you get them too wet, which isn't that much.

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    They're not the worst, but they aren't the best you can find. But still, for the price you can get them at and the availability option, they aren't that terrible.

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    Several years ago they were horrible. I don't know if the quality has changed, but I noticed I don't have as many issues with them as I did several years ago.

    In general if I have to use store brands, I will take the following into consideration.

    1. Poor absorption
    -Use a doubler, size 6 baby diapers work great for me. Take the tabs off and put into position. Some people put small slits (around 2 inches) so it is more of an absorbent layer.
    -Take them out of the package, when they are packaged they are compacted. Take them out so they can expand. This helps with absorption and comfort.

    2. The tapes suck, a fact I don't think will ever change.
    -Worst tape enemy, baby powder.

    3. The tapes frequently rip the plastic of the diaper.
    -I really don't care personally, but I imagine you could use clear package tape to make a landing zone for the tapes.

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