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  • nintendo 64

    7 29.17%
  • super nintendo

    5 20.83%
  • xbox 360

    4 16.67%
  • ps3

    5 20.83%
  • PSX (PS1)

    3 12.50%
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Thread: classic or modern gaming

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    Default classic or modern gaming

    I wonder how many of you are classic or modern gamers

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    N64 was for more generalized games.
    PSX was generally for RPG's.
    Back before there was all this 'console war' bullshit, N64 and PSX reigned supreme. I'm going to have to say N64 - although, it was a rather hard choice.

    Due to my childhood being more-so on the Sega Genises, and that was not an option, N64 is where the other half of my childhood was poured into.

    ...That child of mine is not playing a single game until he finishes an N64 game. That bastard is going to have to learn about good old school games.

    Aaaaanyways; if I didn't choose N64, it would be PS3.

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    Modern. Xbox 360 mostly but wheres the option for PCs since their better?

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    You can't really call PC's "Classic gaming," considering they will always be around. It wouldn't really have a place to fit in.

    Buuut.. there could have been a bit more consoles to add. However, these will most likely suffice. Someone will find their thing.

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    i didnt think bout anything older than the supernintendo because i dont think classic games got really good till the super nintendo classic to me is anything below ps2 idk if yo u would consider ps2 modern or classic so i didnt add it

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    SNES all the way! It's the only console I own (and have ever owned).

    oh, and for those who want the old school game feeling, but want to play it on their computer, there's always retrozone which offers USB to NES, Super Nintendo, Super Famicom, N64, Atari, and Genesis convertors (I own a usb to snes convertor and used my original controllers, it works perfectly!).

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    You could always download ROMs, but I am just not sure that is entirely legal.. soooooo... I'm not going to hint much on the subject.

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    For me, PS1 was my first console and i loved the Crash Bandicoot games and especially the spyro games. There was something about those games that triggered my imagination. And I honestly feel that those games are alot more creative than alot of the XBOX 360 games I have played nowadays. It seems that its all about the shooter games now. And it feels like their all so similar!! War games are war games, but whats more awesome than a game where you play as a dragon or a bandicoot and collect gems? Or better yet, play as a Lombax (Ratchet & Clank), Lol.

    Now I like the modern games, dont get me wrong! But I'm a fan of games that don't limit your imagination and let you do whatever you want. GTA 4 seems really fun to me simply because you can free roam with friends.

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    i myself loved the ps1, and i love rpgs mainly and strategy games.. not much into shooters cus they redo them and put a sequel out with justa dif story line and few extra guns... cod and halo r both redone over and over shooter games have gotten stale and boring rpgs are where its at

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