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Thread: Casltevania - Lords of Shadow

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    Default Casltevania - Lords of Shadow

    Perhaps the single most underrated game of 2010.

    It probably does not deserve to carry the Castlevania title, seeing as it is nothing like any of the kickass 2D titles that made a name out of the franchise.

    Instead, we get a kickass 3D action game with a solid and addictive combat system and epic boss battles with grisly finishing moves (kinda like God of War.... hmmm.....).

    It's not a very original game, but anything featuring Patrick Steward can't be all that bad (he does the narration).

    I'm going for the full 1,000 on this game, definitely. Wish me luck on that, I'll need it.

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    I really loved the demo when I played it. While I yearn for another entry in the series like Symphony of the Night (one of the best games of all time), it was a reasonably enjoyable attempt at bringing the lore of the series into a 3D setting!

    Let me know what you think when you're done. Good luck!

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    That game is extremely easy to 100% (Going by PS3 standards, here).

    I hear it's great, and that I should try it.

    I also hear it's better than God of War by one of my friends (whom later changed his mind after paying the third in God of War the series).

    I'll pick it up at a later date, it looks great.

    And this is coming from someone who hates the old Castlevania games.
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    I'm working through that one now actually. It is actually really good. I'm not a big fan of the God of War Series, and I've never played any Castlevania's before either, but I really enjoy this game. The plotting and art direction in particular are top notch.

    As for gameplay, it does borrow from quite a few other games, but they do a good enough job of making everything cohesive.

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    I am doing my first playthrough on "Knight" difficulty. Then I'll follow that up with "Paladin", where I will sweep up the items I missed on the first playthrough because I didn't have the skills required to reach them then. After that, I'll finish off the trials on "Squire" difficulty, and that should be enough to nab me the full 1,000.

    I'm finding myself challenged by "Knight" difficulty, but not overwhelmingly so. The wonderful checkpoint system this game has makes being defeated considerably less painful than it is on many other games I can think of. The only thing I don't care too much for (so far) is the fixed camera, which made a couple of skirmishes confusing, but so far, it has not been a major issue.

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