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Thread: DL sexuality majority

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    Default DL sexuality majority

    so ive noticed alot of ppl here are straight and im so used to the diaper lover etc community t o be majority gay.... what would you say is the bigger majority straight bi or gay

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    how does this really fit in with diapers besides DLs?

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    cudnt think of where else to put it and it does involve diapers

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    I think it is mostly straight but the gay and bi people are more vocal so it can seam like the community is mostly gay. Although it it probably gayer than the general population.

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    I tend to think that as a person's sexuality deviates in more and more ways from what's normative. What exactly would be normative in sexuality? Well, heterosexuality, and a lack of fetishes. Whether or not everyone has a fetish or kink or whatnot, I'm hesitant to say that any fetish or kink occurs more often than it does not. Therefore, the completely typical model of sexuality is very vanilla.

    The more kinks you give a person, the more isolated in their sexuality they're going to feel, and in turn the more likely they turn to the internet to look for community and support.

    If you manage to get a random sampling of the community at large of people who derive pleasure from diapers and ageplay, not just a sampling of those of us on internet diaper-communities such as this one, you would find a distribution of sexualities much like people as a whole.

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    The OP does raise an interesting which I have pondered myself. I am not aware of any professionalish research having been done on this subject within our community though.

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    In my opinion DL desires are fairly independent of sexuality. However gay men find it far more easy to experiment with different modes of sexual expression than straight men. (Sorry as a gay man, my experience with female sexuality is fairly limited)
    The usual stories I get from straight guys are things like: I can only play on work trips, I would like to get my wife involved but she doesn't get it, I am still looking for my mummy, how can I play with my kids in the house. How many of these guys are likely to active on a forum? Terrible generalization I know, and my apologies up front for all you guys who are the exceptions to these scenarios.
    Now in the gay community, once you have managed to tell your parents and all your friends that you are gay, well it does psychologically open you to telling/accepting the diaper desires of your partner. Coming out, although possibly traumatic can also be liberating.
    I have many gay DL friends and a common threads are: 'my partner doesn't get it but he is happy for me to wear', or they have found.ABDL partners.
    Why does Adisc more closely match the community profile of sexualities than other abdl sites? I would postulate because of the younger age profile of the site, and thus the straight guys have not yet had to much that tough decision between diapers and family yet. Makes me feel sick just thinking about having to make that choice.

    But also remember the members of this site are writing their own history. You are the first generation to understand and explore your love of diapers in a supportive online environment, before having to make those big decisions about life and family. How will you manage it? Who knows, but I tell you, I'm gonna sit back in the cheap seats and cheer you on.
    (Says me happily 'married' to another AB I met online 12 years ago)

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    Its just like everywhere else. I dont think being a DL is a factor into being gay.

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    When I first starting looking up information about abdl on the Internet quite some number of years ago I almost felt the odd man out because what I first encountered was quite a few people who were gay and into diapers and I am straight. It also seemed dominated by men and it originally made me wonder if any women were into this at all. I am really glad that sites like ADISC exist because I think this is a safe enough place that it has a gained a good representation of the actual population that has these feelings. I think timby really hit the nail on the head in describing why it can seem like so many abdl's are gay.

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