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Thread: Snugs, baby diaper scented adult diapers

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    Default Snugs, baby diaper scented adult diapers

    Buy Snugs ? Adult Diapers ? Order Here

    Has anyone ever seen or heard of these? $15 for 10.

    I'd love to actually see a review on these.

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    IIRC, others have posted (not sure if it was here or somewhere else) that these were on e-bay for awhile, and that they were basically just a store brand diaper with scent added to them. Never tried them though, but now am considering it pending others opinions of them.

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    There's no real clear pictures of the diaper... doesn't look that impressive to me in the grainy ones.

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    The terrible website is really the appalling part of the entire thing...

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    they certainly do look nice and fluffy in the padding. then you look at the sealed pack and they look flat like a low grade depends.... do hope they puff up when unpacked as expected

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    Cheap rip off is cheap. Seen the review video? They don't even have the guts to put someones actual voice in!

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    It look like cheap medical diaper pack and giving name to them and there site make me want to run when I vist it.

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