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Thread: Old school gaming favorites

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    Default Old school gaming favorites

    So, my nostalgia muscle has been twitched by recent threads. That means I'm curious to know what people's favorite older games are.

    Any console 16 bit (SNES era) or before and I'll even include older PC games if you want. Make a list of your favorites.

    Here are my top 12.

    12: Donkey Kong Country 2
    11: Super Mario World
    10: Secret of Evermore
    9: Breath of Fire II
    8: Illusion of Gaia
    7: Earthbound
    6: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    5: Super Metroid
    4: Secret of Mana
    3: Final Fantasy IV
    2: Final Fantasy VI
    1: Chrono Trigger

    It was really tough deciding whether Chrono Trigger or FFVI would be number 1, but in the end, I guess I did play Chrono Trigger over more times (maybe like 6 versus 5 or something), so that got it.

    Ignore the fact that mine are all SNES and mostly RPG's :P

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    Well, here are my favorites, in no real particular order.

    Super Mario Bros
    Pipe Dream
    Legend Of Zelda
    Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Master of Orion
    Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares

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    In no particular order:

    Mario Bros.
    Spy Hunger
    Batman Returns
    Altered Beast
    Ecco the Dolphin
    Star Tropics

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    Wow, such a big topic for me, lol. I can't really list them in a rank (at least not easily), so I'll just put them in a general block, lol.
    Edit: Never mind, I ended up ranking them anyhow, just separately by each system to make it easier.

    From the Atari days:
    5. Pong
    4. Combat
    3. Pac-Man
    2. Centipede
    1. River Raid

    For the NES:
    5. Ice Hockey
    4. Mario Bros. 2
    3. Roger Clemmon's Baseball (hey, quit the snickering )
    2. Mario Bros. 1
    1. Mario Bros. 3
    (this is skewed slightly, since I don't own/haven't played the original Zelda or Tetris cartridges)

    Old PC games:
    5. Jewel Thief
    4. Sammy the Snake
    3. Gorrilas
    2. Doom
    1. Doom II
    Honorable mentions to others that I played, like the original Warcraft, Wolfenstein, and Oregon Trail.
    Edit: I did not include Warcraft II, though that would have smoked the competition easily.

    From the 16 bit days (my 'glory years' if you will :P).
    10. NHL 95
    9. Super Mario Kart
    8. Super Mario World (I admit, I never owned the cartridge ><)
    7. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
    6. Killer Instinct
    5. Donkey Kong Country 3
    4. Mario All-Stars (if you can count this, if not, substitute in Mario Paint )
    3. Donkey Kong Country
    2. NHLPA All-Star Hockey (aka, NHL 93)
    1. Donkey Kong Country 2

    Sega Genesis:
    10. NHL 97
    9. Aladdin or Lion King
    8. Cool Spot (oh yeah, corporate shill)
    7. NBA Jam
    6. Vectorman 2
    5. Vectorman
    4. Sonic and Knuckles (plus the other Sonic games bunched in here)
    3. Sonic the Hedgehog
    2. Sonic the Hedgehog 3
    1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

    Well, that's most of it, though I'm sure I've left out some major ones, sigh...
    Last edited by spddan; 09-Jan-2011 at 17:09. Reason: I didn't just post them in a block, nm. :P

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    I like the way you broke it down Dan so I'm gonna follow suit with my list. BTW I'm a Dan too. ;]

    From the Atari days:

    5. Donkey Kong Jr.
    4. Space Invaders
    3. Combat - Tank Plus
    2. Qbert
    1. Burger Time

    For the NES:

    5. tie between Ducktales or Rescue Rangers and Little Nemo
    4. Skate or Die series
    3. Ninja Gaiden
    2. Contra & Super C
    1. anything Mega Man

    Old PC games:

    5. your mom
    4. Wolfenstein
    3. Doom
    2. Duke Nukem
    1. Redneck Rampage

    From the 16 bit days (my 'glory years' if you will :P).

    10. Beavis & Butthead
    9. Simpsons series, especially Virtual Bart
    8. Ren & Stimpy series
    7. Tiny Toon Adventures
    6. Micro Machines series
    5. Uniracers
    4. Killer Instinct
    3. TMNT IV: Turtles in Time
    2. Alladin
    1. Donkey Kong Country series

    Sega Genesis:

    10. Michael Jacksons Moonwalker ( fuck yeah! ha! )
    9. Mutant League Hockey
    8. Kid Chamelleon
    7. Golden Axe series
    6. Double Dragon series
    5. Two Crude Dudes
    4. Earthworm Jim series
    3. Strider
    2. Toejam & Earl series
    1. Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi

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    Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

    Nobody mentioned that one yet.

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    I loved Super Mario Bros on the NES. And I love the arcade version of Ms. Pac Man. I don't really have much experience with older things.

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    Also somewhat copying the list format by spddan, and not really in any particular order

    From the Atari days:
    10. River Raid
    9. Freeway
    8. Kaboom!
    7. Pitfall
    6. Frogger
    5. Pong
    4. Pole Position
    3. Pac-Man
    2. Warlords
    1. Breakout/Super Breakout

    For the NES:
    8. Duck Hunt
    7. Megaman 2 (The only Megaman game I've actually played on the NES)
    6. Super Mario Bros.
    5. Ducktales
    4. Gyromite With R.O.B. (You lose the feel of the game without him)
    3. Paperboy
    2. Tetris
    1. Dr. Mario

    Old PC games:
    5. Infidel (Text Adventure) - I was severely handicapped because I did not have a map or any docs for the game.
    4. Oregon Trail
    3. Chip's Challenge
    2. Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?
    1. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
    Never played too many games on PC or computers, but I played these on my grandfather's Windows 3.1 desktop a lot

    2. Super Mario Kart
    1. Super Mario World

    Sega Genesis:
    4. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
    3. King of the Monsters
    2. Vectorman
    1. Risk

    1. Bomberman '93 (Never played it on the TurboGrafx, but I play it a lot on the Wii Virtual Console)

    I prefer Atari and simple pick-up-and-go Nintendo games over most others.

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    In no real order:

    Sonic The Hedgehog 1, 2 & 3

    Breakout, Pong & Asteroids

    Need For Speed 4/High Stakes (It's not THAT old, but it was my childhood favourite)

    Pokemon G/R/B/Y/G/S/C

    Banjo Kazooie

    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


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