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    Anyone else here have a mother who is always nagging and complaining never supportive and always makes you wanna pull you hair out... cus mine just hit a nerve with me and i regret messin up my chance to get emacipated

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    Could you explain in greater detail?
    I'm just fairly curious. If you don't wish to add any more detail, then it's fine, I understand!

    Personally, my mother, or any other family member, is not like that. So... I do not know what it's like.
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    past 3 days my mother has been complaining bout alot of things and when she runs outta money every month she gets like this, my brother is ready to join the military to get away from her, shes always been like this since my dad died and i started living with her she has done alot of things to hurt me emotionally and is always trying to pry her way into my life and personal buisness, she just started back to her old ways because she was changing then she reverted

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