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Thread: Baby Diapers Modding

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    Question Baby Diapers Modding

    Hi i looked for a thread which already was about this but with no look...
    so please help me and tell me how you mod your baby diapers to fit you...?

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    I don't, the biggest size luvs fits me fine. However, one way is to extend the tabs with duct tape, and where it would contact your skin, put some toilet paper or paper towel.

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    I have tried it several times, and have just dont been happy with the results. Fit is never good. The trick to modding is a hot glue gun though.

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    cool i shall try...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pulluplover View Post
    I have tried it several times, and have just dont been happy with the results. Fit is never good. The trick to modding is a hot glue gun though.
    hot glue!!?? wow wouldnt that like melt it!?

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    No, not at all. Get a LOW temp glue gun. They are really cheap. I mess around modding diapers and kids clothes periodically and never a problem. It probably also depends on your body size as to whether you will be happy with the final product.

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    I've done it a lot! I cut the back off and make a one inch tip by the butt. cut a small hole in the tip part (make sure you don't cut the obsorbant part). On the front tabs I make two small holes. Get some type of bungee cord attach the two ends to the front holes (the bungee will go snug around your waste. Attach a separate bungee to the hole at the tip of the butt part then attach the other end to the back of the waist bungee. It looks like a diaper g-string.

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    I make extenders out of the tabs and landing zones cut off and glued to jock strap elastic with hot melt glue. Once you make a perfect pair they work with almost any brand baby diaper. My "perfect pair" use Pampers tabs, 6" of elastic waistband and 1/2 of a CVS Explorer landing zone on each. I often wear small tighty-whiteys or a light girdle over them to keep them in place. Baby diapers are kinda thong-like compared to true adult ones but can be fun at times and hold a suprising amount of fluid.

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    I personally think it's just easier to buy regular diapers. (Cheap also) these just aren't worth the hassle.... But if you insist you can get Tabs from an adult diapers and modify those (to be reusable) with pampers. Essentially extenders.

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    Combine two, no glue or any tricky stuff.

    1. cut the entire back off one just above where the padding stops (so like the back elastic, waist stretchy bits and tabs.)
    2. cut that in half.
    3. with velcro bits you should be able to just stick these new extenders onto the ends other one's tabs securely without tape or glue. now yo have extra long waist, possibly too long!
    4. put the front and back on around the waist, no tape required, the tabs should be fine. And then overlap between the legs, secure with tape. back or front can go outside whatever works best for you. obviously back inside will look more genuine but more prone to leak.

    This way rather than squeezing into something that doesn't really fit you can have ample length in both dimensions for very secure fit.

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    thats the thing no shop around me sells adult diapers...

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