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Thread: Darned FedEx...

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    Default Darned FedEx...

    Kinda wanted to randomly vent this, but had some trouble with FedEx today...
    I got some holiday cash and decided to get a case of those X-Pluses, which were scheduled to be delivered today. When I got home, they weren't at the door step, the other door, or anywhere. Got really nervous, thinking my brother might have come home early and opened it x.x
    Turns out he didn't, and yush, I checked and it said that they were delivered, while no one was home or anything.
    Called them, and they told me that they most likely delivered it wrong... Not a big problem in itself, not allot of people know my name.
    On the other-hand, tho, if it comes down to having to get a refund or re-ship, my pop is butting into this waaay too much, wanting to help me.

    Hopefully they call back tomorrow and everything gets fixed (hoping for a refund).

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    We must have the same FedEx drivers in NC and SC because those brain dead morons have never delivered a package under my name to my address.

    Lets say that I live at 100 Elm Court, nope too simple, those illiterate bastards deliver to 100 Elm Circle. Now in this case I'm lucky because I know Mr. Smith since Elm connects at Circle and Court and he is kind enough to give me the package mistakenly dropped at his door step. But things get fun when they drop my shipments at Elm Street in which case Mr. Krueger makes my life a nightmare and decides to keep my diapers and taunt me with them in my dreams.

    Yeah, I'm still ill about my Christmas package that got lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    But things get fun when they drop my shipments at Elm Street in which case Mr. Krueger makes my life a nightmare and decides to keep my diapers and taunt me with them in my dreams.
    That Krueger guy can be a real pain. Have you seen that crazy glove he wears? I mean who does he think he is? Michael Jackson?

    All joking aside, I -hate- it when packages go missing.

    I ordered some stuff from overseas once and it shipped cheaper in two boxes, so the seller went that way to save me some cash. I was ok with it. Then 'box 2 of 2' shows up without 'box 1 of 2' and I started wondering. I waited and waited. Finally three weeks later the freaking box shows up out of nowhere. Both the seller and myself were quite happy. I did keep in contact with them to keep them updated and they were going to put a trace on the package the same day it showed up.

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    Default drivers: The requirement for working as one seems to be an IQ lower than that of my toaster (and my toaster can only do 4 different settings). I remember one Xmas they delivered a set of tyres to my parents' house that was supposed to go like 10 houses down the road. When I called to tell them to pick up the tyres again they asked me to take them down the road myself. Yeah, I'll lug heavy tyres down an icy road.
    A week later they dumped 3 parcels for a "Mr. Smith, 155 Hamburg Road, Smallville 12345" when my parents' address would be "Mr. Jones, 155 Hamburg Circle, Bigville 54321" (all made up). The only thing that matched was the first part of the street name and the house number. Never mind the fact it was a diffrent name and city altogether. Supposedly, that driver got axed after I sent a complaint letter to the headquarters of the delivery firm.

    And FedEx...had the decency to charge me 11 Euros for collecting import duties in the amount of 9 Euros. Seriously screwed up!

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    Yeah, not really a big fan of FedEx. Of the few packages i've gotten that arrived in a non-intact manner, FedEx has always been the courier.

    I suggest if they don't satisfactorily remedy the situation, you mention the Better Business Bureau or some related group while on the phone with their customer service rep. Give the company a better reason than just pleasing their customers (keeping up their image) and they might be a bit more willing to work with you.

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    I can say this: their drivers of articulated semi-trailers are horrible out on the freeways. In my 2800 round-trip driving journey recently, I had 3 trucks come more than half-way into my lane on an otherwise open and unobstructed road.

    The logo? FedEx, all of them.

    (2 other trucks, neither articulated, came 1/8 of the way into my lane. I'm mildly irritated at this, but not wholly concerned. Taking up more than half of my lane of travel, though--this is bad and DOES irritate, upset, and worry me.)

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    Today I got my new sleeper and it is the ONLY fucking package I have ever gotten on time. My diaper samples were a WEEK LATE. Guess which Grizzy had to lie his ass off to his father who forced him to open the package in front of said father?

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    At least they did call back today about my package.
    They said it might get here in 2 more days, for whatever reason, and if it doesn't THEN I can do a refund/re-ship or whatever.
    And geeze, didn't know FedEx screwed up allota stuff =/
    Usually use UPS for everything, but sense FedEx is free... just started with them.

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    My German and Dutch online pharmacies deliver with DHL, always reliable. I do not want my diapers and medicine ending up somewhere else as it is private business.

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    Woo! Finally got them, and daaang a case is big o.o
    The box was jacked up, to say the least.
    Looked like someone one opened and retaped it, threw it out a car, and punched it. I mean, there is a freakin' hole in the side of it the box!
    Just glad my bro or friends who were there didn't open it... or, you know, look in the hole.

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