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Thread: Tips and suggestions for my site.

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    Default Tips and suggestions for my site.

    I realy hope this doesnt count as advertising becuase i am not trying to but I realy want someones opionon on my site(unfourtantly I had to use weebly) and I want know if I might have a chance of google indexing it. Lrc for mp3's - Whats a lrc?

    If it does count as advertising I am sorry.

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    Making a lrc file can be time consuming and very frustrating, but almost anyone can make a lrc if they have the time and a lot of patients.
    I guess you mean patience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kabom View Post
    I guess you mean patience?
    woops thanks for catching that. Besides that anything else i should do to it.

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    First, decide whether you're going to pronounce it "Lurk" or "L-R-C." If it's "Lurk," you'll use "a;" if it's "L-R-C," you'll use "an." But you write "a lrc" in some places and "an lrc" in others. I suggest that latter, since that's how I naturally read it.

    I would also suggest that you make the first page much shorter, and make it clear just what your site is offering. You can put the specifics about what an lrc file is elsewhere, but you really want your first page to make it clear what your site is about.

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    Hi there cavemans

    I want to tell you right away that I don't really consider this a form of spamming at all. In fact, I have seen several people post threads in here about their own site, looking for feedback, so you are not alone either.

    Now, as far as your particular site, I'm actually going into web development as a major, so yes, I do have a few comments. I'm imagining here that you probably aren't very well versed in HTML, CSS, or any of the other major web coding languages, so I'll avoid making comments of such technical nature.

    You've set up a site on weebly, which is probably a good idea if you merely want to have something out there that you can link people too. However, if you really want to take off a site, you will ultimately have to purchase a domain for it so that it can be fully independent (at least in address, if not in layout/template). Currently, I could tell you how to register a domain with Google for them to crawl and later index your page, but since you are technically using the domain, I'm not sure whether or not that would be a violation of your agreement and/or if they are already handling that for you.

    Basically, if you have just set this site up today, it will likely be a few days before Google finds it, assuming Weebly has done the indexing for you. If not, and if you are allowed to do so, I can tell you how to register with Google to ensure that it gets crawled. (It's actually free and quick, you can probably find it easily by searching for 'register domain on google' or something.)

    Here are a few web practice ideas I have for your current structure though:
    1) What is the name of the site?
    Right now, from looking at the page, I would imagine the name of the site is "Lrc for mp3's," yet the URL (address) at the top says it's "lyricslrc." I would advice picking your name, and using that as the title that goes in your masthead banner at the top of the page. If "Lyrics LRC" is going to be the title, then I would put that up there, and then (if you can pull it off) place "LRC for MP3s" to the right of that, in smaller letters somewhere (it's technically the 'tagline,' which communicates to visitors what the site is all about).

    2) Downloads? May want to beef up the list a bit.
    I think that page looks a bit lonely with only 2 downloads on it, so you may want to add a few more there if you are planning on adding more. If you are not planning on adding more, then it may be better to just reorganize that page to explain the two downloads that are there, and have just those at the center focus, rather than having it look like an incomplete or empty list.

    3) Contact who?
    I would suggest adding a blurb of text to your "Contact Us" page, as it feels a bit generic to me, like I don't really know who I'm sending my message to. Just a quick introduction may be beneficial to the visitor.

    Also, as slim noted, a general trend in the web industry is to make information accessible, but not to send people straight to a large body of text as soon as they visit your site. So yes, I would recommend putting the specifics into a new page that will be on your navigation bar at the top, something like an 'About lrc' or 'How To' title. In fact, you may want to make a separate page that defines lrc, and another that tells people how to create them.

    Those are a few basic and hopefully not too technical notes for you. I wish you the best in this, as site work can become a grueling past-time or job.

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    Thank you but I have a few questions.
    1.What would be on the front page if I take the other stuff out?
    2.Know any way to get your own domain without paying for it or for realy cheap?
    Again thanks for all the help and as for the downloads go I am going to add mroe just got to make them it takes forever to make those files.

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    I can answer your domain question. You may find sites that offer you a domain name for free, but there's usually a catch to them.

    The truth is, domains are cheap. On GoDaddy you can have a .com for $12/year, and it's much less if you'll settle on a less common domain name (.info or .net, for instance). I know that Weebly also offers domain names, but it's much cheaper to buy from a third party such as GoDaddy.

    If you can't dish out any money at all, there are websites that let you pick an international domain name for free that will redirect to your current site, such as this one, this one, and this one. Usually all you have to do is put their banner somewhere on your pages, and you'll be fine.

    I wish you best of luck with your site! Web building can be fun when you know what you're doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavemans View Post
    Thank you but I have a few questions.
    1.What would be on the front page if I take the other stuff out?
    2.Know any way to get your own domain without paying for it or for realy cheap?
    Again thanks for all the help and as for the downloads go I am going to add mroe just got to make them it takes forever to make those files.
    1) A standard home page often contains only a little bit of information that makes the site's focus and purpose visibly clear. If you can think of a good image to use as a central focus, then that would be preferable to paragraphs of text. I must admit though, when I launched my first site, the home page was loaded with paragraphs of information, so it's not something that is always a necessity, but it is a part of standard web information architectural principles.

    2) There are many good places to go online, as MisterD pointed out. I personally prefer Bluehost, since it's relatively cheap to purchase and keep the domains (5 domains/year is $20), and they're a lot cheaper than GoDaddy in terms of web hosting as well. GoDaddy is primarily successful because it pumps a lot of money into advertising, meanwhile I feel other places can offer you the same or better services for less money because they didn't invest so much in getting their name out there on TV.

    Feel free to check out a list of good hosting sites right here: Web Hosting Reviews & Rating - Best Web Hosting 2011

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I've been busy.
    Best wishes on this.

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    Have they lyrics on a page that you can view without downloading and link to the mp3 download from there.

    Expect a cease and desist letter from BMI, the RIAA or ASCAP if you expand the site and include MP3s. You should be able to get away with lyrics and maybe generate some ad revenue but don't expect much as there are tons of site like that.

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    Thank you but sppdan the wall of text is good for the search egines to pick it up and to rank hall as logn as it is relevent. messyman I am only inlcuding the mp3 download in the song with permision (with exception from valves still alive but I will take it off if they answer my email and say they dont want me to. the download is for the lrc file wich is what the site is about not downloading mp3's.

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