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Thread: Abri-form have always been my favorite diaper but recently..

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    Default Abri-form have always been my favorite diaper but recently..

    Well, I've always like abri-forms but recently the tapes seem to be not as good as they were. I remember the first time I got some, the tapes were perfect didn't unstick or nothing, but now the right side of the diaper the tapes unstick every few mins. I wonder if it's the way I'm putting it on but or what. Anyone else notice this?

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    I have seen people complain about this on here before but I have never expeiranced this. Are you talking about the x-plus's Bryce? If you are I bought a case of those a little over a month ago and have not had any serious problems with the tapes. I will admit their nothing great, but they are decent, I give the tapes a 7 for stickiness, with 10 being the best. Maybe it is just cause I have a 30 inch waist so I do not have much, if any, pressure pushing outwards on the tapes haha.

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