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Thread: Hi ^^ furries

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    Default Hi ^^ furries

    anyone wanna talks with me? id love to have more furry friends i've noticed they r usually more happy and go lucky than my usual friends, plus u can furry rp with ur furry friends i cant go up and all of a sudden lick my usual friends now can i lol.

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    Hey there! Kind of an odd thread. xD *Furry hugs* I think it's more of a familiar thing that makes us automaticcaly have a happy demeanor towards someone. xD

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    yays:p and i knows it iskinda odd wat do you mean familiar

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    Familiar as in the common ground of being furry. x3 lol How long you been into being Furry? I've got about 2 years I think. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masa View Post
    me bout a year since i had my first master
    Master? o:

    Is it safe to assume you do pet play? (no offense intended) cause I dunno what "master" means if you dont :P
    Anyway, feel free to talk to me or something, I love licking and biting random furs XD

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    yeah wasnt the best thing i ever did but i was loved ...for awhile

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    That's unfortunate. =O But, life moves on right? Yah don't have PM's yet but if your ever bored go ahead and message me. I'm usually bored myself. xD

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