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Thread: Kr4zY's Intro... Hi :)

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    Default Kr4zY's Intro... Hi :)

    Hey, just wanted to start by saying I am kinda a shy person, except toward really close friends. I am currently in the eleventh grade, in a private school. I am known to be pretty funny, although I only speak out at certain times. Most of my close friends know me as a different person outside of school, where I am more open, not being shy.

    I honestly have no idea why I have an interest in diapers/regression. This interest could have been spiked because of an illness I had when I was nearing five years of age. The illness made it so that I could not walk, and thus needing to wear diapers. I would suppose that event, and not being able to remember anything about it would lead me to having an interest in diapers/regression.

    I play/have played many different video games. Currently I am only playing Xbox 360 (All popular games), although I may start back with PC games once I buy a new computer. I make an attempt at staying in shape, running and biking occasionally. Every year, I participate in a 150 mile bike ride near where I live, which normally I don’t train for enough(terrible idea to not do so).. struggling -_- . I know a good bit about computers, and other electronics, more than likely enough to help others with problems.

    I stumbled upon a link to this site, and decided to come on in. The community seemed quite welcoming, unlike other forums which there are always those “bullies”. I would love to have advice about random things, or participate in the giving of advice to others. I created an account, and I guess it was my shy-ness working toward not wanting to create a greeting.. but here I am.

    I admit..I did cheat to create this greeting..

    Thanks spddan for the tutorial..
    Otherwise it might have been amazingly long..

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    Welcome, Kr4zY! So glad to have you here. There are a lot of people into biking on the forum too, believe it or not. I love going to the gym and working out myself You don't have to worry about any "bullies" here, this is a very welcoming community for those who are respectful and fun! I hope you enjoy your time here

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    Welcome! Very nice to meet you. What 360 games you got?

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    Default Hey..

    Thanks for posting, seems I was not able to edit my post, wanted to put if anyone had any other questions.. I would be glad to answer them.

    I read a few other greetings, and it does seem quite a few people are interested in bicycling. Honestly, myself I need to get out more on my bike, but that might have to wait until it warms up...

    Edit: Going to use this to answer that question.. I mostly play the Call of Duty games, but have Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, Halo 3 and Halo Reach. I was considering buying other games, but I'm not too sure of what to get.

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    Welcome! What kinda games do you like to play the most? =3

    Edit: Ah yah beat me to it. =P You play Black Ops very much?

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    I have been playing Black Ops recently, although it seems I have a love/hate relationship for that game.. It is a little more annoying than CoD 4, and Modern Warfare: 2

    I also played WoW for a good while, although I stopped playing.. computer was becoming too out of date to make the game play enjoyable.. This I might begin playing again once I save up enough to buy a sorta "dream" computer.

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    I still play alot of MW2. Although I treat it like getting ice cream, sometimes you have to change it up every so often. =)

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