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    Hey all,

    Another new member here. When not continually surfing the world wide web, there are several other hobbies I have. I do play video games quite a bit, and also play hockey. I have a motorcycle that I really love to ride in the warmer months!! Of course here in Montana it's really cold right now! Great for hockey, horrible for motorcycling! Of course school is getting ready to start up again. Such fun! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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    hey there, welcome to the site! Quite a few gamers here xD, and I think a decent amount of hockey fans (of note check out the hockey group sometime). Anyways, what video game genre do you enjoy the most?

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    I've been playing a lot of Gran Turismo 5, as well as Call of Duty. NHL and Madden 11 have also been getting some playing time.

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    Hockey! All right! Let me be the second to say welcome to our community! I also play, and am a rabid fan of the sport as well. What position do you play? What pro team do you support?

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    Hey Antropov! I play for a local beer league team, and we actually are in first place with a healthy 9 game winning streak! I play left wing mostly, with a little Center thrown in. I'm 2/2 on faceoffs this year!! Of course I sprained my ankle late last game, and am just trying to get healthy for next game! I've been a die hard Minnesota Wild fan since they started! What about you?

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    I play right wing for a local league. I'm basically a defensive forward: I do score, but I primarily provide a physical presence (i.e. hit people ). As you probably noticed from my avatar, I'm a huge Thrashers fan. (We do exist!) I'm hoping that this is the year for them... after years of mediocrity, I think the fans and the team almost deserve a nice season with a playoff berth. I'm not a fan of any team other than the Thrashers, but I do like the Wild for two reasons: their fan base is great and sticks with the team even when they're not very good, and for Andrew Brunette, who was with the Thrashers for the franchise's first two seasons, finishing 1st and 2nd, respectively, in points.

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    Yep, we are the team of 18,000! I guess I have nothing against the Thrashers, just haven't watched them as much. Since I only started playing 3 years ago, I don't have that great of a shot. I am however, bigger then most other people in the league. So I completely understand what you mean by defensive foreward. I just prefer the term grinder, or enforcer.

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