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    Gonna try wearing a diaper to work tonight. I stuffed the Wellness Briefs I am wearing with a Depends. I also got a spare just in case. I work in a guard shack and I am alone practically all night except when the armed guards do a post check. Gonna watch my fluid intake as well.

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    most likely one of the military bases, there are armed people that go through all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    armed guards? curious minds want to know, where?
    he most likely works at one of the military base entrance gates.

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    I would definitely recommend a bullet-proof diaper, just in case of an attack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teenagetoddler View Post
    i would definitely recommend a bullet-proof diaper, just in case of an attack.
    0.0.... XDXD lololololol

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    Haha. I wear to work all the time. I'm generally alone for 8 - 9 hours (depending on the shift). Since it's only me and the manager employed at the store, we work whole days by ourselves.

    So I generally take the advantage and wear for the whole day. If I end up filling a diaper, I close the store for 10 minutes or so and put up a "will be back at _:__" sign. Really makes for a fun day.

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    Its not a military base, just a production plant. The armed guards patrol the property which envelops half the city (the city i am in wouldnt exist if not for this plant). Basically the go around making sure doors are locked at night and respond to incidents that may happen. Anyway the stuffed diaper leaked already. I think that was my fault. The sad thing is its only been an hour since my shift started (yay third shift). I am on my second and last diaper with 7 more hours to go. Thankfully I am parked close by and can drop off the leaky diaper in my car's trunk.

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    I wore to my old work as well. :p my shifts were long though so had to change out of the diaper most of the time.

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