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    ello im masa i guess i like diapers but never tried them yet and ima furry so any furries eh hiya:P im 16 live in the united states and i love dancing and music is everything to me, I'm gay also plusone day i hope to become adj or rockstar and travel the world

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    :p Welcome to adisc, so what kinda music are you into? And do you already travel around?

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    i liike djmanian, papa roach three days grace buckcherry and nightcore and no i dont already travel i wish i did tho

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    Nice to meet yah! Ever listen to Deadmau5? He's the first thing to came to my head when I see DJ. lol xD There are quite a few furries poking around here. *Wags tail* Fuzzy hugs! lol

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    Welcome to the site! Make yourself at home - we don't bite - I promise!

    What genre would you dare dub as your "favorite?"
    And are you into any musical activities? Such as band, choir, or anything else related?

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    only heard 1 song by them but shud look into them more i heard tetris by them i believe *hugs back waging tail* andn o im not in anything right now really i just sing to myself and fantisize my fantisies:P and occasionally sing on youtube my fav genre is metal

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    Hmmm....what other bands do I know. All that remains? They had a new CD recently.

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    neverheard of them but only other band i listen to is shinedown

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    You should look into All that remains, they're really good. =)

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    i will then

    i think that band made me go nuts almost breaking everyhting electronic in my room by making stuff fall
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