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Thread: I suppose a title should go here, but I've never been good at titles . . .

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    Default I suppose a title should go here, but I've never been good at titles . . .

    Hello all,

    So this is really my first time opening up about my hidden life. I consider myself an adult baby/little girl who likes to dress up. I'm not an overly forthcoming person because of various circumstances in my life, but a little prodding usually gets me to open up. I guess I just need some support for this aspect of my life.

    I'm a writer by trade, but my income is from a bit more lucrative job. Don't ask; I'm not going to tell you anyway. I'm working on a fantasy/military fiction novel that I hope to have finished within the next couple of years. I'm into photography, focusing mostly on nature, trains, and candids of people. I can do semi-professional photography when requested, but it's too stressful in my opinion. I love shooting guns, pretty much anything from pistols to rifles to machine guns. Landscaping is a passion, being able to turn a dirt lot with a house into a beautiful creation of plants and architecture, though it's hard in a desert. For an actual hobby, I do model railroading, turn of the 21st century Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Amtrak.

    I guess that's everything for now.

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    Welcome to Adisc. :p This is probably the best community to open up about your AB/DL/etc self. We're all here to listen and support each other in anyway possible

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    You might not be good at titles, but you're pretty good at introductions ^^.

    Shooting does seem like a rather zen exercise. I've yet to do it myself but I've always wanted to get around to it. Too bad I live far-ish from the closest shooting club. What kind of weapon do you shoot?

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC. Hopefully you'll enjoy your time here.


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    Thanks for the welcoming commity.

    Yeah, titles. Takes me forever to figure out titles for my short stories, poems, and even the chapters to my book, let alone the title to my book which I've been working on for the past few years. Be that as it may . . .

    Near, my personal weapons are a Bushmaster XM-15 which is a better derivative of Colt's M4 carbine, and a 9mm and a .40 cal pistol, both made by HiPoint. And I have access to military-grade weaponry. Zen isn't the word I would use, but it's loads of fun. If you ever get the chance, definitely take it.

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    I'm not the only person who LOVES the sounds of different guns? =O Woo! lol I write kind of as a hobby, currently working on a post-apocalyptic gang war novel. =3 You ever participate in NaNoWriMo?

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    I always wanted to, but I go a hundred miles an hour at work that when I'm home I don't think about much beyond relaxing and sleeping. If I'm lucky, I can use my lunch break to write. Ah, well. I prefer not to have deadlines over me. Besides, I'm still doing a lot of research into ancient Egyptian and Greek mythologies and cultures and figuring out how to write Middle English so it looks like he's speaking a very different version of modern English, kinda like authors who write characters who speak in different dialects of English. And Middle English isn't so easy to figure out since modern English doesn't have certain letters anymore.

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