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Thread: Hi everybody ;D I'm FauvisFr !!

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    Wink Hi everybody ;D I'm FauvisFr !!

    Hello everyone ^ ^

    My nick is Fauvis (it's always the same on tbdl forums), student of my state

    A little precision : i'm French ! I hope it's not a problem :3 (just, the english is not a big problem for me ) If someone need help in french lessons, i can help you a bit

    I 'am a : Teen Baby, Diaper Lover, and TBDL Friend, great eater of music, and i'm fond of drawing (have you ever seen the Carotte's abdl drawing ?)...

    What I like? Hmm ... my pessimism, the rain, and my friends n_n For what I don't like .... good question :/ What I want ? I just hope a tbdl girlfriend x)

    With the diapers, I tried the Pampers brand yet, for many reasons, maybe I will talk about it more later ;D

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    Nice to meet yah! Interesting to see people from all walks of life around here. =)

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    Exactly ! I like visit the international web, sometimes ;D

    Thanks for the reply

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    Bonjour! Comment vas-tu? ^^ (note: I actually know no french XD)
    Welcome to the forums I'm new here too

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    Bonjour! Comment vas-tu? (note: Je parle réellement le français ^^).

    Nice to see some more francophone (shame you're not a furry, I could have made a francofur pun...) invading ADISC. What kind of music do you like to consume? Or maybe you're an omnivore and listen to all kinds?
    You say like being pessimistic? That's rather... interesting :P Also, do you have any hobbies? I mean, other that being pessimistic, drawing and listening to music ^^.

    Anyway, make yourself at home and I hope to see you around,


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    Welcome to ADISC FauvisFr.
    Comment ca va?
    Your English is very good.
    I have family living near Louviers and I hope to visit France one day.
    But my French will have to greatly improve!
    A tout a l' heure!

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    @ Fenrierlilfolf :

    Salut ! Je vais bien, merci, et toi ? (Good luck for learning this language, many rules are a bit stupid in French)

    @ Near :
    Invading ADISC ? Great idea ...
    And sorry, i'm not furry at all :/
    I'm found of olds Rocks, in the 80's, like the Hard Rock, and precisely i prefer the Hard FM (whose were part Aerosmith, Kiss, Journey, Survivor..).(but i like pop, and the actual rock too n_n)
    My favourite band is : BON JOVI <3

    @ johnyABinAUS :

    Bien, merci n_n
    Thank's for approving my way of speaking
    I see where is Louviers, but it's in the north, it's too cold there, i'm in the south n_n

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    Interesting I'm half French myself(mom's side) what part are you from? I have Grandparents in the Sotuh down in Marseille(dunno how to spell it)

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    Rock on and welcome to the site. Your English is better than my French so well done.

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    @ Yoh : Heck, i'm in the South-West x_x I live near Poitiers :/ (so, you write Marseille correctly ;D )

    @ dogboy : Thanks n_n I study the english since I'm a seven-years old child

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