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    Hi is there a snappi for cloth diaper in adult size.The snappi is hook on the cloth nappy instead of diaper pins. i think it look cute.Could not find discussion about this in the forum.
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    My suggestion would be that when you have a question like this and you have found no reference for the item (or whatever), that it's good to provide some information as to what it is you're talking about. Turns out I had seen these before but didn't recall them by name. I'm also 90% sure I recall seeing somewhere within the last year someone talking about them for adult use but it could just be something like this Snappi-Baby-Cloth-Diaper-Fastener--Adult-Size where someone is using one of the toddler ones for adults. I do recall that the response wasn't all that positive. When I use cloth, I prefer velcro closures, so it's beside the point for me. Hope you find what you're looking for.

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    sorry i wanted to post the link to the forum but the forum don't let me to post thanks for posting anyway.I was curious to find it in adult size.Anyway thanks that what i'm about.

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    I use the Snappi toddler size (I am a large guy, 6feet 240) and I love them. I converted to them 4 months ago and they are the greatest fasteners for cloth diapers I have used. You have to give them a try, my diapers are always tight and changes are so quick. I removed all the velcro from my cloth diapers and they are so easy to wash and dry now.

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    How big is the toddler size. What the size of the waist does it fit?

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    Hey, I've seen these and I've been trying to figure out how they work. Do they just pinch the fabric of the diaper?

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    I got cloth diapers and I'm a bigger guy as well (6 feet 4 inches and 270#) and when I bought the cloth diapers I also got a pair of the Toddler size Snappi to use. They have small hooks at either end and one in the middle, are quite stretchy, and work great! I tried using regular diaper pins and compared to the Snappi, they couldn't keep the diaper snug or prevent sagging when I'm wet.

    I recommend them. If you want to order online, they are available at Changing Times Diaper Company.

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    Snappi Diaper Fastener - makes cloth diapering easy

    I just thought that might help out the folks who were wondering about them.

    Apparently the size 2 fits up to a 30" waist comfortably.

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