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    Hi, my name is Marc-Antoine.
    I like music, movie and art in general.
    I wet the bed 3or 4 time a week and i have some daytime accident too so i have to wear diaper all the time but i like it, i like the feeling of the wet diaper between my legs and i like the humiliation it makes me feel (think i'm a bit maso).
    Sometime, my mom punish me for wetting or behaving.
    She makes me wear only my diaper in public or she change me where everybody can see me and i think that deep inside i like it.

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    Welcome to adisc, sunshine. We are a support community and we all share the AB/DL common ground, but we don't really like to go in depth about out lifestyles like you did in your into.

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    Hi, first I'd suggest reading The Rules as your story seems incredibly likely to be breaking the #1 big rule. Further your avatar is also breaking a rule.

    If you really plan to be here, and not just make "fap material" I'd HIGHLY suggest leaving the fiction to the story section, and start being more truthful in the non-fiction sections (the rest of the board).

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    I am afraid you will be flooded with negative responses, as this humiliation scenario is not only a very common fantasy but it beggars belief at your age, and for your size.

    She makes me wear only my diaper in public or she change me where everybody can see me

    Hi, my name is Marc-Antoine. Your real name I would rather not know: if it is your real name
    Whether this is your real name is beside the point: if it is then you are making yourself easy prey for people who wish us harm; and many do - for their own amusement.

    Why not edit your post and begin again with

    I like music, movie and art in general.
    and expand on that - and delete the rest... including the image showing your face.

    There are many sites that would welcome the intro you made. But not this site.

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    By the way, I'm a bit confused, your mom punishes you and buys you diaper, yet in another thread you say none of your family knows about you wearing. How does that work?

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    I must say the mods do an excellent job...within an hour of posting BS, the OP is banned.

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    Agreed, thank you mods, for your kick-butt work. :p

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    Closing this one off since it's no longer relevant. I did want to mention that I think this was a really great example of people reacting to inconsistencies and strangeness with a new member in a reasonable way while providing a heads up to the staff. Thanks for the assist and thanks for some quick sleuthing from our safety staff.

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