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Thread: My Baby Fursona (Mimi)

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    Default My Baby Fursona (Mimi)

    ^-^ Here I am! Hehe...

    <<Can yea tell i wuvs pink? :P>>

    I know i love coloring.... maybe others do too... This is my fursona so its reserved to me but if yea wanna doodle in a picture your more then welcome to play with a outlined version ^-^

    And yeas if anybody wants to see big girl versions.....

    ImageShack&#174; - Online Photo and Video Hosting

    ImageShack&#174; - Online Photo and Video Hosting

    ImageShack&#174; - Online Photo and Video Hosting

    ^-^ Feel free to let me know what you think :3 <3

    Your friendly neighborhood chiharu (Your sneaky blue fopsy girl :P)

    Wiff wiff *waves* ^-^

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    Wow, you're a very good artist. I come up with scratchy looking pen tool spams whenever I draw... Very nice! So cute!

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    Nicely drawn indeed. o.o

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    Nicely drawn and very cute ^^

    Yea I think you DO like pink, maybe just a little XD

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    So cute! I really like the way you've colored it.

    I like the shirt, that Hello Kitty in a doughnut? (I'm asking because the face looks similar.)

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    *giggles* das just a mousy... i wuvs my cuddly Mr. Fluffers tho(my bunne!). He looks just like he does in RL!

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    very good drawling im jealous kinda looks like a cross between tails from sonic the hedgehog *my favorite see left lol* and a nightelf from world of warcraft *one of my favorite games* so i REALLY like this picture lol

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    wow ok just visited imageshack cus i just saw the links i soo want a emo boy one with tan tails modeled after me lol

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    Those look amazing, ...

    *mutters* "Wish I could draw that well..."

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