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Thread: Depends Adjustable Underwear Design

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    Red face Depends Adjustable Underwear Design

    anybody else notice that the depends adjustable underwear has little stars on them just like huggies baby diapers? it may just be me but i got excited when i saw that cuz their pretty much like big huggies diapers (and i do know that they are made by the same company)

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    Yeah I noticed that too. Its like a cool little AB easter egg on em.

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    I noticed that a number of years ago and thought it was a mistake in manufacturing but they've never gone away. It seems odd since their normal underwear products don't use the same cover. I'm convinced that some people who work there must be AB's.

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    Yes, I too noticed the pattern (probably around 2000-2002, whenever they first came out.) I am a bit surprised they have stayed on there this long. I imagine it has something to do with keeping the manufacturing process cheaper by only producing one type of over-layer for both Depends and Huggies.

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    Wow... Really? I had a pack last year and didn't notice any stars at all... Huh... Maybe I just missed them??

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    Haha... I remember those. I think that's because those are commonly used for older people and the mentally challenged who still wet the bed, hence the somewhat neutral pattern that borderlines between adult, but still somewhat childish. I liked it for a while.

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    I find it funny that they are running commercials highlighting that they have "new designs" on them.

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    The stars are on there to visually aid you in telling if they are wet. They do not have a wetness indicator, and the stars are used for that purpose, although since you can hardly see them, even when soaked, they are not to effective.
    I believe these are the best pullups in there underwear line, but obvious far from being great (they are still depends )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun1162 View Post
    Wow... Really? I had a pack last year and didn't notice any stars at all... Huh... Maybe I just missed them??
    It's subtle. Look closely at the cloth like backing and you will see the little stars, like huggies.

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