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Thread: Help me pick out best Onesie?

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    Talking Help me pick out best Onesie?

    I have been looking for adult onesies but ebay fails me in they are all too big for me. Im a size 30 waist. (judging based off i get 30 by 30 jeans). So i found a couple links. I have no idea about the quality of them and wondering if anybody can help me pick out some?

    1. Adult Bodysuit - Diapering T-Shirt , 3X-Large, Blue: Health & Personal Care

    2. Baby Pants Adult Onezie - Medium Snap Shoulder Pink: Health & Personal Care

    3. Adult Clothing - Urinary Incontinence Products

    4. Full coverage t shirt diaper coverall

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    Dunno about quality, but I find the ones of option 4 to be more colorful and cute. :3

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    Non of the above, I wouldn't recommend any of those. The best I have found is Abena, but you can only get them in white (not very babyish), but the performance of them is top notch, at the same level as there diapers. Something you cant see when looking at them online, is the quality of the material, quality of seams, snaps, and fit. The Abena are made with a stretchy material that fits your body like a glove, and really helps in its purpose of holding your diaper up, against your body. The stitching is heavy, and the snaps are quality, and by design, the material resists stretching out of shape.

    By comparison, the Gabby onesie (your first link), the material is regular t-shirt quality cotton that shrinks in odd ways, and stretches way out of shape after a couple of uses. The seams tear easy, the snaps fall out after awhile, and the overall design is very poor

    I would suggest buying the Abena, they come in many different styles, and if you want baby print, you could always wear a babyish shirt overtop

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    Having both options 1 and 3 i would say get #3 Babykins are the best fit and quality ive tried and you have a lot of solid colors or babyish color patterns and styles.

    I am almost your size from the sounds of it so the leg hole on #1 are a big so the Onesie Sag a bit under you and don't keep the diaper snug. And a lot say the button on then will rip off after awhile.

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    Privatina mang, Privatina. Stay away from anything that involves the words "Alzheimers" or "Disease" Dont wanna rush that phase of your life quite yet lol


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    If you did not see it this is all the babyish patterns you can get from babykins BUT!!!! it is random you dont know witch one you will get.

    Babykins sample swatches

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    Look for trunk size as well (top of shoulder to crotch measurement)

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    Quote Originally Posted by curiousboy View Post
    all i could find for ebena is the bodystockings KCK Medical Abena Adult Diapers Incontinence Supplies - Abena Bodystockings they dont look very babyish :P
    Well, I use the regular onesie style they make (not shown on the link), they look like regular onesies. I also have a couple of the tank ones that is shown, it is like a regular onesie but with a undershirt style top.
    Sure, they are not very babyish, but with adult onesies you pretty much have to pick ether performance, or looks. I have yet to find one with both of those. The Abena is the best you can get if you want it to hold a diaper, while if you are only looking for something babyish, I would go with the Kins (or the cheapest one)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flashpoint View Post
    Privatina mang, Privatina. Stay away from anything that involves the words "Alzheimers" or "Disease" Dont wanna rush that phase of your life quite yet lol

    Not sure I get the humor, but do you really get your onesies shipped in from Poland?

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    Putting my vote in for #3, the Babykins. The quality and materials are good and it holds up through repeated washings quite well.

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