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    Ok, I know that most people agree that brands like Abena and Bambino are far better than what is available in stores in the US. However, I am trying to find out what will work until I get into a situation where I don't have to travel all the time. Unfortunately, that is looking like the "years" category, not months. I already know from personal experience that Depends brand does me no good.
    So, any suggestions other than quit my job?

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    I know that TENA sells their diapers in stores, I'm sure they are better than Depends. Give those a try.

    Edit: Oh and also try Attends.

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    The best store diapers are the Tena briefs (not the pullups), and the Prevail/First Quality briefs (again, not the pullups). All of those are cloth backed with the velcro tapes. They way outperform Depend (yuk), Attends, or any store brand, but if they are still not absorbent enough, you can experiment with using a baby diaper as a liner.

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    racer, where can you get tena beiefs?

    and I like the certainty (walgreens brand) diaper.

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    TENA briefs are sold in stores like Wal-mart, Target, Drug stores but i think it also depends on where you live. TENA Store Locator - TENA Just type in your city/state or zip code and they will list the stores that sell them.

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    I don't know if it was just my computer, but the Tena store locator didn't work for me at all. Thanks to everyone for the info!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalis View Post
    I don't know if it was just my computer, but the Tena store locator didn't work for me at all. Thanks to everyone for the info!

    If it said "nothing found" that just may be the case. I tried two zip codes: one where my family lives, and one where my college is. I received several results for the former, but "nothing found" for the latter.

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    I'd also recommend Tena Supers if you don't mind a mint green color and a cloth outer cover. They were reasonably priced and despite not having internal leak guards, they absorbed very well. I found them at a pretty serious pharmacy that serviced a hospital and I've seen them at an aging at home store, so they can be had retail but they're not common. Mail order is still going to be your best bet for a good product but if that's not practical, and the Tenas don't turn you off aesthetically, see if you can find them.

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